Que: I have been struggling with hair loss for the past 5 years or so and last year I got through my second hair transplant, which was meant more for repair purposes. Since then, it seems like my hair has gotten worse. The use of Finasteride started giving me brain fogs, which is why I stopped taking it several months ago. I once again started the course with 5-HTP, to which I have added 0.5mg Dutasteride once a week, 15% Dutagen Minoxidil and RU once a day. However, all this has lead to even more hair shedding! What do you suggest I do?

Ans: Because you have already undergone hair transplant surgery twice and you are still facing hair loss, there could be something else that is wrong. We would suggest that you meet with a hair specialist, as soon as possible, because investigation might be required into other reasons, such as low levels of iron, stress or hyperthyroidism.

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