PRP for Hair Loss Treatment in Bangalore

When hair loss has just started, there are so many things that you can do to ensure that the rest of your hair does not fall out. However, there are a rare few procedures that are as effective as PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. PRP is a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure that is fast gaining popularity all over the world, not only for its efficacy, but also for the fact that it is an extremely safe and quick thinning hair treatment. PRP is one of the best options for the people who want to try something before a transplant.

If you are also among them and looking for the best clinic for PRP hair treatment in Bangalore, come to AK Clinics located in Indiranagar where experienced dermatologists help you in getting best results with PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy.

What is PRP Therapy?

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is a non-surgical hair treatment in which around 40-60cc of blood is extracted from your body and the blood is then placed inside a high power centrifuge to separate the platelets from the blood. These platelets are then treated with a hair strengthening medication, turning into an extremely powerful serum. This ‘serum’ is then injected back into the scalp and almost immediately, it starts working on the cells within the scalp and the hair follicles are rejuvenated, leading to better hair growth in a matter of weeks.

The PRP therapy can be used in cases like:
  • Male pattern baldness, especially when there is still minimal hair loss
  • Female pattern baldness
  • Alopecia areata
  • with Hair Transplant Surgery

Benefits of PRP Treatment in Hair Loss

PRP helps in natural healing. There will be no risk of any infection as plasma used is drawn from your own blood. Moreover the procedure is not lengthy and will be completed in just 1 to 2 hours. Here are some of the benefits of PRP in hair loss treatment.

  • Simple, quick and almost pain free procedure that offers wonderful results
  • Because it is your own blood that is being used, the chances of infection, allergies or your body rejecting the same are almost next to none.
  • This is a minimally invasive procedure, which means that there is next to no downtime.
  • Not only will hair fall reduce drastically post procedure, you will also notice better growth.
  • If the procedure is being done in tandem with a hair transplant, you can be sure of a better growth and the recovery period will also reduce, as the PRP helps in faster healing.

PRP treatment at AK Clinics

PRP is today one of the Gold standard treatments for Androgenetic Alopecia. This treatment is followed world over today and also has been proven through research. Now, the problem the world is facing is every clinic is offering the treatment without any significant methodology. So many patients are unhappy due to these non-standard practices. At AK Clinics, we've been offering this treatment since 2012 and given patients extremely good results. The main reasons for the successful results at AK Clinics are:

  • Due to years of experience, we've perfected our methodology in collaboration with many big labs to offer patients good results.
  • We do not use any kits but our own designed special purpose tubes to get good results.
  • The samples are handled with great caution that the platelets are not spoiled. Many clinic do not get results as the PRP collected has broken platelets.
  • The PRP done at our clinic is under controlled temperature with specialized equipment, not the simple machines used in blood labs where the platelets are not to be used again.
  • The method of injecting & activating has been perfected to deliver the best results.

How does PRP works?

The human blood has something called mesenchymal stem cells, which essentially contain growth factors and assist with the development of various parts of the body. For the PRP therapy to work, blood is drawn from the body and the platelets, which contain the mesenchymal stem cells, are harvested. The platelets are then treated with some other growth factors, turning the blood taken from your own body, into something of a super serum, and then the same is injected back into your body. For hair loss, this serum will be injected into your scalp, and this will help the follicles to grow better and stronger. When you come to AK Clinics for PRP treatment for hair in Bangalore, this is what the process will be like:

Blood Sampling - PRP hair treatment in Bangalore Step 1

Using a regular syringe, blood will be collected from your body, most probably about 30 to 45 minutes before the procedure. Anywhere between 40 to 60cc of blood will be collected and the same will be stored in vials, till the next step.

Separating platelets - PRP hair treatment in BangaloreStep II

The vials of blood are put inside a centrifuge for a few moments and this allows for the separation of the components that make up blood. Once the centrifugation process is complete, the samples will be stored in a sterile refrigerator, to ensure that there is no contamination.

Plasma Concentration & Growth Factors- PRP Therapy BangaloreStep III

The plasma is divided into three – the platelet poor plasma, the platelet rich plasma and the red blood cells.The growth factors are then separate and diluted using the plasma, making the serum ready for injection.

PRP Injection - PRP Hair Treatment Cost in BangaloreStep 1V

The potent plasma serum is then carefully injected into the scalp. Once the growth factors enter the bloodstream, they stimulate the stem cells in the scalp, enabling new growth and a better life for the existing hair.

PRP Hair Treatment Cost in Bangalore

The cost of PRP therapy depends on a range of factors, starting from the actual clinic itself, the geographical location, the equipment that is being used, the experience and expertise of the doctor performing the procedure and also the number of sessions and injections you require.In case you are wondering what the PRP hair loss treatment cost in Bangalore’s AK Clinics will cost you, just get in touch with us!

  • The experience of the Clinic & Staff doing the procedure
  • The methodology & equipment used in the process
  • The results of the existing patients

The doctors explain the costs, risks and potential side effects and ask your consent about the same. The indicated price of PRP therapy is mentioned in the table.

Treatment No. of Sessions Cost
Bio Therapy Single Session of PRP INR 12500.00
Bio Therapy Package 3 Session of PRP INR 30500.00
Hair Gain Therapy 3 Session PRP + 11 Session LLLT INR 37500.00
Hair Gain Max 3 Session PRP + 11 Session LLLT + 9 Session Mesotherapy INR 65000.00
* these are only indicated prices actual prices may vary as per ongoing offers

PRP Hair Treatment Results in Bangalore at AK Clinics

Check out the latest PRP Therapy results of our valuable patients, delivered by experienced hair transplant surgeons in Bangalore at AK Clinics.

Why PRP Therapy for Hair Loss?

Perhaps the biggest reason why you should consider PRP is because it accentuates the natural healing process of the body. Because it is blood from your own body, the chances of infections are minimal and also the chances of rejection from the body are also incredibly low. In addition, this is a procedure that will not require a lot of time from you, because a single session will last only about one to two hours. You will be able to see hair growth from the second or third session and thereon, you will notice that your hair is becoming thicker and healthier. The hair that will grow in will be natural and real, which means that you can style them the way you want.This is the procedure for people who are worried about invasive procedures, because there are no cuts, no scars and no long recovery period, because this is not a surgery!

What should be keeping in mind before going for PRP therapy?

PRP therapy is a simple procedure which does not require any special care before therapy. But still there are few things that you have to take care of.

  • Stop using any blood thinner 5-7 days earlier before PRP treatment
  • Use antibacterial shampoo to wash your head before treatment.
  • Avoid smoking for at least a week before treatment.
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol.
  • Have a healthy breakfast on the day of treatment.

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The frequency will change from person to person, but in most cases, 3 to 4 sessions are more than enough and each session is spaced about a month or so apart. While, for some people, maintenance sessions might be required once or twice a year, in the subsequent years. With PRP hair treatment in Bangalore from AK Clinics, you should be able to see new growth within 4 months or so.

There is no pain or discomfort associated with PRP – because it is only a series of injections, there are a lot of people who forgo any sedation or anaesthetic. However, when you are getting your PRP treatment in Bangalore from AK Clinics, we will ensure that a topical anaesthetic gel is applied to the scalp, ensuring absolutely no pain or discomfort. As soon as the anaesthesia wears off, you are free to leave.

The frequency will change from person to person, but in most cases, 3 to 4 sessions are more than enough and each session is spaced about a month or so apart. While, for some people, maintenance sessions might be required once or twice a year, in the subsequent years. With PRP hair treatment in Bangalore from AK Clinics, you should be able to see new growth within 4 months or so.

We would recommend you to wear a surgical cap while visiting out of your home or office. You can wear a normal cap on top of the surgical cap if required on the same day.
  • You should keep the headband on your forehead for the next 24 hours.
  • In some patients, there can be a little redness and swelling which can last for a few hours to a day.
  • You may experience headache or heaviness in your head. This is transient and does not last for more than a day or two. You can take mild painkillers which have been prescribed to you.
  • You should wash your scalp after 24 hours.
  • You should refrain yourself from a heavy workout for 24hrs.
  • You should start applying Minoxidil or any other solutions on the scalp 3 days after the treatment.
  • If any itching or bumps occur on the scalp, consult with the doctor.

PRP treatment is generally suitable in most cases of androgenetic alopecia. The treatment is very safe. You must know that PRP treatment generally works in the cases where there is hair loss not baldness. PRP Treatment will not help when the hair has already fallen.

As mentioned above the PRP treatment is generally suitable but following are some known contraindication of PRP Treatment:
  • Critical thrombocytopenia (low platelet count)
  • Hypofibrinogenaemia.
  • Haemodynamic instability (collapse)
  • Sepsis (infection)
  • Acute and chronic infections.
  • Chronic liver disease.
  • Anti-coagulation therapy (warfarin, dabigatran, heparin).

PRP is often called a lunch time procedure, because it takes only about an hour or so, and because there is no downtime, you can actually return to work, as soon as the procedure is over.

Not only will you notice a visible reduction in your hair fall, you will also see the growth of hair caliber and the density will also visibly improve. In addition, the texture and general health of your hair will also improve.

Absolutely! This is not a gender specific therapy and can be done on both men and women. As a matter of fact, if you have been noticing your hair thinning or are bothered by your constant hair loss, then this is the procedure for you.

While there is no need to stop regular medication, if you are on blood thinners, you might be asked to stop for a few days. We have a team of trained medical practitioners and skilled doctors, who will be able to assist you with such questions.

Absolutely! PRP can be done before a transplant, after one or even during the transplant procedure. Not only will it plasma serum ensure faster healing, it will also ensure that you have faster and better hair growth, along with stimulating the hair that is already present on your scalp.

Yes, PRP treatment is very effective in controlling hair loss. You should also see some thickening of hair. So the hair volume will start looking better

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