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Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Bangalore

You are special & deserve the best hair transplant in Bangalore. This metropolitan city has become the centre of hair transplant clinics of South India. The good thing is that there are many doctors offering hair transplant but you deserve the best. The hair transplant is as much a medical procedure as much it requires aesthetic approach. At AK Clinics, we've been offering quality hair transplants from the year 2007. We started Providing our services in Bangalore 2016 at Kosmoderma Clinics and thereafter having a dedicated branch from Year 2018. Since then we have treated many patients who are happy with their results.

Our clinic is located in Indiranagar in Bangalore and on the 100ft Road. The clinic is at a walking distance from the Indiranagar Metro Station. The clinic is fully equipped with the latest instruments required to produce great results for every patient. We provide Bio-FUETM for all kinds of needs like Women hair Loss, Beard Transplant, Male Pattern Baldness, Traction Alopecia treatment. Not only this we have successfully treated severe Alopecia Areata followed by transplant to give good results. We also regularly treat patients with just the basic hair line corrections to NW Grade 5 to NW Grade 6 baldness. Our earnest endeavor is to maintain the tag of Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Bangalore.

Further, the key reason that ensures good results one after other lies in the standardized practices followed at AK Clinics. Not only do we use the latest technique but also our hair transplant surgeons keep updating the surgical skills with continuous training for the latest in the field. Our Chief Surgeon, Dr Kapil Dua, an internationally acclaimed Hair Transplant Surgeon, also operates in Bangalore on a case to case basis. As a standardized practice every patients gets:

  • Hygienic & Fully Equipped Operation Theatres
  • Multiple times disinfection protocol for safety from Unknown Viruses Like Covid-19
  • Virtually Painless Anesthesia with our innovative technique
  • Extraction with 'AK Flat Punch' used to minimize any graft wastage
  • Custom procedure suiting your needs using Cut-to-size blades.
  • Assured results with our Free Revision option by just paying OT Charges.

Hair Transplant & Hair Fall Treatments Available in Bangalore

AK Clinics, one of the pioneers hair transplant clinic in Bangalore, offering wide range of hair loss treatment in the city including;

Types Of Hair Transplant Performed in Bangalore

Hair Restoration procedures have come a long way starting from Scalp Reduction to the latest Bio-FUETM Surgery. There is still not a definitive way to get the single best suitable method. Depending on the graft requirement, Donor Area Availability, Scalp Condition, General Health of the patient, every patient needs proper evaluation by a surgeon for the best suited plan. Our Hair Transplant Clinic in Bangalore offers full evaluation and the right advice to the patient. This helps the patient to make an informed choice for the procedure. Our step by step counseling system clarifies everything much before the procedure happens. The patient is offered to go through the consent form & post-op instruction beforehand so that everything is crystal clear to the patient. In most cases, Bio-FUETM is a recommended form of surgery either in one go or multiple sessions but in many cases the surgery is also planned using Strip Method or Body Grafts to give more grafts in one session. Following are the kind of surgeries conducted at Bangalore:

Bio-FUETM Hair Transplant

Bio-FUETM is an AK Clinics' improvised FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique in which every step has been customized to offer more comfort, less wastage of grafts and natural results. The biggest problem which hair transplants face today is unaesthetic results. Our technique combines both science & art to achieve natural results. The healing is also very smooth & quick which offers very less downtime to the patient.

Beard Transplant in Bangalore

Our technique also gives very good results in beard transplants. The patients who have less or no beard genetically or due to any trauma can undergo transplant in Bangalore. The technique is similar but involves higher levels of precision as the hair direction varies continuously with the facial contour. The surgeon's Endeavour to give the maximum coverage in the 1st sitting and higher density in the 2nd sitting keeping future requirements of the patient in mind.

Mega & Giga Session Hair Transplant

We also offer coverage for large areas in 1 sitting using 4000-5000 grafts using combination technique. We either combine Bio-FUETMwith Strip method or Body extraction to give these many grafts. It is generally safe to extract 2200-2500 grafts from the scalp in one go from the permanent donor area and in extremely good donors the number go up to 3000 grafts with FUE. For more grafts generally Body Extraction from beard & chest is done.

Female hair Transplant in Bangalore

Hair transplants in females are also gaining popularity and specially for hairline correction. At the same time, a careful evaluation of hair loss is required in women to treat any underlying problem causing hair loss. Our Dermatologists in Bangalore suggest hair transplant after complete diagnosis. Generally, in women's hair transplant 1200-1500 grafts are extracted with partial trim technique. We also offer no-trim & Long hair transplant too for Female Hair transplant.

Technique Used for Hair Transplant in Bangalore

The initially hair transplant were based around removing an entire patch of the scalp and then removing the grafts from piece of scalp. The improved version of that procedure is follicular unit transplant or FUT. But more modern method of hair transplant is known as FUE or follicular unit extraction.

FUE Hair Transplant in Bangalore

This is a more modern and advanced method of hair transplant and this is a procedure that the doctors at AK Clinics hold an expertise in. Hair will be extracted in tiny grafts, via micro punches and each graft will not have more than 2-5 follicles. These grafts will be implanted into the recipient area, ensuring that is minimal discomfort to the patient. With FUE, the scarring is also much less than regular FUT procedure, which is probably why it is fast becoming the most preferred method of hair transplant. The process is used to ascertain the most natural results.

FUT Hair Transplant in Bangalore

FUT is one of the original methods of hair transplant and is used in situations, where larger areas need to be covered. In this method, a small portion of the scalp is removed from the donor area, and grafts are harvested from the same and transplanted into the recipient site. if the procedure has been done well, there will be nothing more than a linear scar, which will get hidden under the new growth of hair.

Advantages of Bio-FUETM over FUE/FUT Hair Transplant

Local Anesthesia Virtually Pain Free Mostly Painful
Slit Making Before Extraction After Extraction
Blades Imported CTS blades Needles
Trauma & Bleeding Minimal Variable
Punches Blunt/Flat Any Punches
FTR Minimal (<3%) Around 30%
100% Viability of Implanted Grafts Yes No
Biotherapy along Hair Transplant Yes May or May Not
Poor Hair Growth Rare Yes
Donor Area Thinning No Yes

Cost of Hair Transplant Surgery in Bangalore

On an average, the hair transplant cost in Bangalore is Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 4,50,000 depending upon the grafts requirement and various other factors that are mentioned below. To get an exact idea about the cost of hair transplant surgery in Bangalore, you must visit our hair transplant centre located in Indiranagar, Bengaluru.

Minimum /Maximum Cost of Hair Transplant in Bangalore
Number of Grafts Cost on Lower Side Cost on Higher Side No of Sittings
800-1000 grafts INR 45,000 INR 1,00,000 1 Sitting
1000 – 2000 grafts INR 75,000 INR 2,00,000 1 Sitting
2000 – 3000 grafts INR 125,000 INR 350,500 1-2 Sittings
3000 – 4000 grafts INR 1,75,000 INR 4,50,000 1 – 2 sittings

Here are certain factors that will cost you for Hair Transplant and these include:

  • The actual area of the scalp that will be undergoing the transplant
  • How many hair follicles will have to be extracted and implanted
  • If there are any skin or hair related conditions or if your scalp has any pre-existing conditions
  • How many sessions you will have to undergo
  • The actual part of the body where the transplant will take place
  • In case, money is a cause of concern for you, we also offer EMI facilities and that too with 0% interest!

We also offer the hair transplant payment in EMI with 0% Interest. You could also visit our hair transplant cost page to know about the cost of Hair transplant in detail.

Best Hair Transplant Surgeon In Bangalore

At AK Clinics, the top hair transplant clinic in Bangalore, every hair transplant surgery is performed by the doctors with the help of highly experienced technicians for assisting. We have the best team of hair transplant surgeons in Bangalore who excel in providing the best and most natural results. The whole team is led by Dr. Kapil Dua and Dr. Aman Dua who are the co-founders of the AK Clinics. They both hold the International recognition in the field of hair restoration and aesthetic cosmetology.

Best hair transplant Surgeon in Bangalore

Dr. Kapil Dua

Chairman & Chief Hair Transplant Surgeon
Member, FUE Advancement Committee, ISHRS, USA

Hair Transplant Surgeon in Bangalore

Dr.Bhavyashree U.G

MBBS, MD( Dermatology venerology and leprosy)
FRGUHS (Dermatosurgery)

Why Should You Choose AK Clinics For Hair Transplant In Bangalore

AK Clinics believe in offering premium hair transplant service at affordable cost and always recommends what is best for patients that makes us the best hair transplant clinic in Bangalore. There are several reasons why you should consider only AK Clinics for hair transplants in Bangalore and here are just some of them:


Educated Team

We understand that people coming to us, will have innumerable questions and queries, which is why our team is ever ready to answer all of them. Our team will provide you all the necessary assistance in making an informed decision. Our doctors will also examine you in detail, in order to assess the actual extent of your hair loss, and post this, they will be able to offer you the most appropriate course of treatment.

Completely natural look

When you are getting a hair transplant, you do not want people to know about it and we at AK Clinics, understand the same, which is why we offer you a completely natural look. This is possible for us because the hair that will be used, would have been harvested from your own body. What’s more, once the hair has grown out, you will be able to cut, color or even straighten them!


Pain-Free Procedure

We are aware that most people are not too comfortable with the concept of pain, which is why we have developed advanced methods of anesthesia and sedation. This not only ensures minimal pain to the patient, but also a much faster recovery. We actually encourage our patients to read, chat with our team or perhaps even catch a movie, all while the procedure is going on.

High Graft Yield

We are proud to be one of the few clinics in the nation, which can claim to have Follicular Transaction Rate that is well below 5% in FUE. This has been possible, only because we take incredible measures to ensure the health of the follicles. In addition, we also take care to harvest only from the permanent zones and our constant attempt is to keep the grafts out of the body, for a minimal amount of time.


Perfect Hygiene

For us, hygiene is of utmost significance, and we ensure that our team adheres to the strictest rules of the same. While our staff follows strict codes of hygiene, we ensure that the entire clinic is disinfected and sanitized regularly. In addition, all the equipment is sterilized before and after each procedure.

Hair Transplant Results in Bangalore

Hair transplant at AK Clinics
NW Grade V
No. of Grafts Transplanted 2300
Technique Used FUE
Age 32 Year
Result After 1 Year
Hair transplant result of 3000 Grafts
NW Grade V
No. of Grafts Transplanted 3000
Technique Used Bio-FUETM
Age 38 Year
Result After 9 Months
Hair transplant result at our Clinics
NW Grade III
No. of Grafts Transplanted 2250
Technique Used FUT
Age 30 Year
Result After 1 Year
Before & After 2284 Grafts Hair transplant
NW Grade VI
No. of Grafts Transplanted 5240
Technique Used Bio-FUETM
Age 50 Year
Result After 1 Year
Hair transplant result - 2284 Grafts
NW Grade VI
No. of Grafts Transplanted 2284
Technique Used Bio-FUETM
Age 27 Year
Result After 8 Months


Reviews & Ratings about AK Clinics, Bangalore

Raghavendra Somayaji

Perfect place for the hair transplant in Bangalore. Dr. Shrinik is so cooperative and give a perfect explanation for all our doubts. No doubt it's bit expensive because they do the precision work. If you want best confidence I would suggest this clinic. I have sent my friends too, and they are very happy about the treatment.

Reviewed for: Hair Transplant
Clinic Location: Bangalore
Balu Yadavalli

I had done my Hair transplant at AK clinic and its almost 3 months completed and transplantation done by Dr. Megha. She is awesome, whenever I have doubts regarding medication she answered clearly with patience and also I would like to thank Manager Jyothi and other supporting staff and technicians., Most important part is I never felt pain during surgery and there is no swelling after surgery. Now I can see the hair growth started from 2nd month...

Reviewed for: Hair Transplant
Clinic Location: Bangalore
Alok Nayak

I underwent hair transplantation from this centre recently. One of the very few places in Bangalore where body hair transplant is done. In my case grafts were taken from the sides and beard. The operation was done under Dr Roshan and Mr Prakash and the procedure went well. All other staff are courteous and helpful. I am waiting for the results. I surely recommend this place to others.
Reviewed for: Hair Transplant
Clinic Location: Bangalore

Hiren Parmar

It was a good experience. Prakash was helpful throughout the process. The surgery was done with minimum pain, I actually slept while surgery. Thanks to Dr. Kapil, who explained me all the process and gave answers to my queries. Good place to have hair transplant in Bangalore.

Reviewed for: Hair Transplant
Clinic Location: Bangalore
Saran Sasidaran

Best results. Very friendly staff -Especially Navneet from management and technical staff are very well trained. Best doctors in Bangalore. Dr.Kapil dua is best in the business. If you manage to get his dates then you are lucky.

Reviewed for: Hair Transplant
Clinic Location: Bangalore
Anay Vimal

Very best place for all hair related issues. Neat... clean... place.. Great service and care from experienced doctors and staffs. Really happy with my hair transplantation.

Reviewed for: Hair Transplant
Clinic Location: Bangalore


Hair transplant is a surgical process and involves the elimination of scalp grafts from a donor site and relocating them to a bald area or thinning area. Grafts are the hair follicles containing 1-4 hair. These hair follicles are usually extracted from the area of scalp that are generally not vulnerable to balding or are resistant to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) such as the back of the head. This area is also known as Safe Donor Area.

Hair Transplant Offers in Bangalore

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