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Did you know 60% of the young adults and adults in India suffer from hair loss due to numerous reasons? Hair loss is a rising concern, not just in India, but all over the world. People, regardless of gender, suffer from hair loss. Like many things in our lives, we take our locks for granted- until one starts to lose them. Luckily for us, Hair Transplant can be a quick fix for the baldness that’s prevailing in your future. To simplify it-Hair Transplantation is a surgery that involves creating a new hairline and moving the hair grafts from the fuller to the thinning areas. But, not everyone is a good candidate for the surgery.

The patient first needs to be evaluated and has to be of a certain baldness grade to undergo the surgery. These factors also determine what kind of surgery the patient needs. A successful hair transplant gives natural results. We, at AK Clinics Ludhiana, have the best team of surgeons, with over 14 years of experience in the forte, performing surgeries to give patients the full head of hair they long for. AK Clinics is the best hair transplant clinic in Ludhiana because we care about the patient’s safety and value their trust more than anything.

Hair Transplant Process at AK Clinics, Ludhiana

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Ludhiana

Ludhiana in 2016, was selected among the first 20 proposed smart cities. Ludhiana is the major city of Punjab and is also known as the Manchester of India. Being one of the major industrial hubs, Ludhiana also have the best healthcare sectors and has now become the hub of various hair transplant clinics. People these days are more concerned regarding their looks and the most common problem among them is hair loss. This has given rise to the trend of hair restoration and increased number of hair transplant clinics in Ludhiana.

AK Clinics- Hair transplant in Ludhiana holds the distinct position of being the pioneers of providing the best hair loss treatments and best hair transplant in Ludhiana, Punjab. We are best known for providing the natural hair transplant results by best hair transplant surgeons in Ludhiana.

Hair Transplant Process at AK Clinics, Ludhiana

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Ludhiana

Ludhiana in 2016, was selected among the first 20 proposed smart cities. Ludhiana is the major city of Punjab and is also known as the Manchester of India. Being one of the major industrial hubs, Ludhiana also have the best healthcare sectors and has now become the hub of various hair transplant clinics. People these days are more concerned regarding their looks and the most common problem among them is hair loss. This has given rise to the trend of hair restoration and increased number of hair transplant clinics in Ludhiana.

AK Clinics- Hair transplant in Ludhiana holds the distinct position of being the pioneers of providing the best hair loss treatments and best hair transplant in Ludhiana, Punjab. We are best known for providing the natural hair transplant results by best hair transplant surgeons in Ludhiana.

Men Hair Transplant,Ludhiana
Hair Transplant for Men

Hair Transplantation is the best way to recover lost hair and cover the bald spots in men. At AK Clinics Ludhiana, we offer premium hair transplants service to our patients at affordable cost.

Women Hair Transplant,Ludhiana
Hair Transplant for Women

Hair loss in women can also be restored with a hair transplant. Our surgeons can restore your luscious locks and be assured that you can walk out with a head full of hair, undetectable that you had a hair transplant done!

Facial Hair Transplant, Ludhiana
Facial Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant is not just for the scalp, but can also be done to enhance the facial hair in case of a patchy beard or loss of hair in the eyebrow with modern techniques & highly skilled surgeons

Body Hair transplant in Ludhiana
Body Hair transplant

In case of limited donor aren, we at AK Clinics carefully harvest hair from other parts of the body, which is practically exclusive only in cases of men, and transplant it to the recipient area.

Hair Transplant correction in Ludhiana
Revision Hair Transplant

Sometimes patients are not satisfied with the results and need a revision hair transplant surgery. Our experienced doctor helps them with this so that they get the desired results.

SMP in Ludhiana
Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

Non-invasive and cost-effective procedure effective for the patients who don't want to underwent a hair transplant surgery.

Cost of Hair Transplant in Ludhiana

What is the cost of Hair Transplantation surgery in Ludhiana? How much will a Hair Transplant cost? Our consultants came across these questions about the cost of hair restoration procedures daily. Cost is an important factor while considering getting a hair transplant, when performed professionally, the impact of a positive and successful hair transplant is costless. While every clinic claims to be the best center for a hair transplant, it leaves patients in a confused state and they go with the cheapest one, leaving them with a botched hair transplant. These clinics run on the 3rd world’s standards and in most cases, technicians are performing the surgeries, making it cheaper.

At AK Clinics, experienced surgeons perform these surgeries with extremely trained staff and technicians to lead a hand in every step. Each hair transplant surgery is catered to the needs of the patient and the cost of each hair transplant is different from the other. On an average, the hair transplant cost in Ludhiana is Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 4,50,000 depending upon the grafts requirement. For exact cost estimation, you must visit the hair transplant centre nearby to get an exact idea about the cost incurred in your hair transplant surgery. The factors that determine the cost of hair transplant are;

The cost of hair transplant depends upon the total number of grafts to be transplanted. If the baldness level of the patient is high, then more number of grafts has to be transplanted and it will increase the cost of hair transplant.

Most of the hair transplant surgeries are completed in one session but in case of 4000-5000 number of grafts, more than one session is required. More the number of session, higher will be the cost.

Location of the clinic is another cost factor that affects the hair transplant. The cost of living varies in different areas of the world. Higher the cost of living in the area, higher will be the cost of procedure.

Hair Transplant surgeons who have great and vast experience in the field of hair restoration will definitely charge more for his expertise and skills. They generally offer high success rates with assured results.

The higher the qualification of the doctor, higher will be the prices of hair transplant surgery. Doctors who have more number of International accreditations and recognitions will charge more for the surgery.

The reputation of the clinic also adds up to the cost of the hair transplant. The highly reputed hair transplant clinic will charge more for providing outstanding services.

The clinic fully equipped with ultra modern machines to provide the best results will charge high for the surgery. To maintain the modern equipment and hygiene levels, clinics may charge a little more for the procedure.

The cost of the hair transplant highly depends upon the technique used for the surgery. The combination of technique may cost higher than the single technique of hair transplant.

We set a gold standard for safety, quality, technology, density, and natural results. The cost of FUT and FUE Hair transplant in Ludhiana clinic is determined through a medical examination and the number of grafts needed or the area to be covered. Hair restoration is a lifetime investment and if you want to flaunt your crowning glory again, then you must choose your hair transplant surgeon wisely after looking at all the factors to avoid after surgery side effects.

Hair Transplant Results at AK Clinics, Ludhiana

Hair Transplant results take anywhere from 6-12 months to start showing up. The transplanted hair falls off anytime in the first three months and the growth becomes normal and natural after it. To get the best results, the patients are advised to follow the post-op care carefully and the medications prescribed. This ensures that the grafts implanted are healthier and stronger and stay intact, reducing the risk of shock loss. We use the most advanced techniques and patented instruments to offer 100% natural results and permanent hair transplant results. Check out the latest hair transplant results of our valuable patients, delivered by top hair transplant surgeons in Ludhiana at AK Clinics.

Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Ludhiana

Run by the leading hair transplant surgeons in India, AK Clinics is the go-to hair restoration center for celebrities and renowned personalities. Dr. Kapil Dua has been exclusively practicing Hair Restoration Surgeries for over 14 years now. He holds important positions in esteemed Hair Restoration organizations. We provide a thorough examination to our patients and each procedure is personalized and catered to the needs of the patient. We specialize in providing natural-looking results. If you’re worried about the bald spots on your head and want to make a change today, visit AK Clinics Ludhiana and get your hair transplant done by the best hair transplant surgeons in Ludhiana.

Dr Kapil Dua, Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Ludhiana

Dr. Kapil Dua

Chairman & Chief Hair Transplant Surgeon
FUE Advancement Committee, ISHRS, USA

Hair Transplant Surgeon, AK Clinics Ludhiana

Dr. Aman Dua

Chief Dermatologist & Hair Transplant
Surgeon MBBS, MD,

Hair Transplant Doctor, AK Clinics Ludhiana

Dr. Bhawna Bhardwaj

Dermatologist & Hair Transplant Surgeon
Fellow in hair Transplant(ISRAEL)

Why AK Clinics for Hair Transplant in Ludhiana?

Here are several reasons why people from all over Punjab, choose to come to AK Clinics, a leading hair transplant clinic of Ludhiana, Punjab with their hair transplantation related requirements, and just some of them include

Natural Hair Line

Natural Hair Line

Since the donor hair will be harvested from your head, you can be sure that they will look completely natural. Additionally, they will be permanent and will grow healthy in a matter of time. Once they fit in, you can cut them, style them or even colour them, the way you want.

Pain-free Hair Transplant Procedure, Ludhiana

Virtually Pain-free Procedure

We have developed numerous ingenious methods of anaesthesia and sedation, which will ensure that you feel absolutely comfortable during the procedure. If you are really worried about the pain, we will provide you with sedation and you can sleep through the entire procedure.

High Graft Yield at Ak Clinics

High Graft Yield

Our Follicular Transection Rate is well below 5% in follicular unit extraction, and this is proof that we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure the health of the follicles. In addition, we harvest only from the permanent zones and ensure that the grafts spend minimum time outside the body

Graft Given by Counting

Graft Given by Counting

The patient is given an option to count to the grafts/follicles to instil a level of confidence in the clinic. Only viable follicles are counted.

Experienced Surgeons in Ludhiana

Experienced Surgeons

At AK Clinics, the surgeons are trained on latest hair transplant techniques by pioneers to deliver the best results.

Ultra Hygiene at AK Clinics

Ultra Hygiene

We give utmost importance to the hygiene to give patient a complete infection free surgery. It is very important aspect that amounts to final results.

Hair Transplant Experience at AK Clinics, Ludhiana

Master Saleem Hair Transplant by Dr Kapil Dua | AK Clinics

Sheru Aangrish Hair Transplant Experience at AK Clinics

Mr. Kashiv Hair Transplant Experience at AK Clinics, Delhi performed by Dr. Bhawna

Revision Hair Transplant Experience at AK Clinics, Ludhiana

Case Study: Hairline Reconstruction surgery by Dr Kapil dua

How to Remove Scabs after Hair Transplant at Home | Dr Kapil Dua

Bio-FUE Hair Transplant in Ludhiana - AK Clinics Trademarked Procedure for Better Results

At AK Clinics, we aim to excel – our constant endeavour is to give our clients the best possible solution to their hair fall problems. It was in an attempt to provide an extremely effective solution that we were able to create our trademarked and highly effective hair re-growth procedure that we call Bio-FUE. This procedure was a result of years of research and trial and error and over time has evolved into a highly effective therapy.

When a transplant is done, it is a surgical procedure and the body needs to jump into action to heal itself; this is also one of the ways in which the transplant takes hold and eventually goes onto become a success. However, with advanced hair transplant techniques such as Bio-FUE, you can be assured that not only will your transplant be a triumph, your healing will also happen faster. In this process, while the FUE procedure happens traditionally, we have inserted an additional step that has shown as better results. Similar to PRP, we extract blood from the body and segregate the components. Once the FUE is over, the platelets rich plasma is injected into the scalp and that acts like a growth serum which can help promote hair growth. This growth serum is also known to speed up the healing process, ensuring that your down time is reduced.

Simply looking for any random hair restoration in Ludhiana, Punjab will not be enough; if you want real results, you need to ensure that you get a proper and effective procedure like AK Clinics’ Bio-FUE.

Other Technique Used for Hair Transplant in Ludhiana

AK Clinics is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Ludhiana. As per the requirement after thorough hair loss analysis, our experienced surgeons find the best treatment plan for our patients. The top hair transplant techniques performed at our clinic are;

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE or Follicular unit extraction is one of the traditional techniques of Hair transplantation. At our clinic, in FUE hair transplant, hair follicles are extracted from the safe donor area using blunt punches. Hair grafts are extracted in a zig- zag manner to avoid visible scarring. AK Clinics is famous as the best FUE hair transplant center in Ludhiana.

FUT Hair Transplant

FUT or Follicular Unit Transplant also known as Strip Surgery, is another traditional hair transplant technique. In FUT, a strip of hair follicles is taken from the back of the scalp and then sutured back. Hair follicles are then extracted and transplanted into the bald area. This technique requires high expertise and at AK clinics, this hair transplant surgery is performed by highly experienced hair transplant surgeons.


Bio-DHTTM Bio-DHT is the combination of Direct Hair Transplant and Bio-therapy. In this technique, hair follicles are extracted and transplanted simultaneously. This technique is rarely offered by clinics as it also requires high expertise and skills. At AK Clinics, our doctors have performed several surgeries with Bio-DHT.

Why we recommend Bio-FUETM over FUE/FUT Hair Transplant in Ludhiana

Local Anesthesia Virtually Pain Free Mostly Painful
Slit Making Before Extraction After Extraction
Blades Imported CTS blades Needles
Trauma and Bleeding Minimal Variable
Punches Blunt/Flat Any Punches
FTR Minimal (<3%) Around 30%
100% Viability of Implanted Grafts Yes No
Biotherapy along Hair Transplant Yes May or May Not
Poor Hair Growth Rare Yes
Donor Area Thinning No Yes

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplant in Ludhiana

Hair Transplant is a hair restoration technique used to treat Male and Female patterns of Baldness. It’s a surgical treatment where the surgeon takes “grafts” from the area of the head that has more hair, also known as “donor area” and implants it to the areas where there is a bald spot also known as “recipient area”.
Hair Transplant is a hair restoration procedure performed by surgeons where they extract grafts from the donor areas of the patient (the donor area is where the hair growth is good and the area is stable for extraction) using either FUT or FUE techniques and the grafts are then implanted to the area of baldness or the recipient area. Depending on the number of grafts to be implanted, the surgery can take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours.

The surgeon implants the hair from the area where they are more to the area where there is a bald spot. The graft then grows and covers up the bald spot, treating the hair loss. The grafts extracted from the donor area are then handpicked and the best quality grafts are implanted into the recipient area. The patient leaves for their home the very same day. The grafts take anywhere from several hours to a couple of days to recover and there are hardly any bandages put on the head. The patient comes for the baggage removal on the 3rd day and comes for a head wash on the 8th day.

Every person is different, so different is their hair cycle. Hair growth depends upon the hair growth cycle. Usually it takes 6-12 months for fuller hair growth. But it may vary from person to person.

Yes, hairline can be reconstructed completely. You can get desired hairline with the hair transplant.

No. At AK Clinics, we even perform virtually painless anesthesia. A numbing cream is applied 40 minutes prior to anesthesia and then local anesthesia is given to the patient to avoid pain during the surgery.Usually, this is not performed at other clinics which makes the process painful for the patients.

Yes. Hair transplants are completely safe if you have chosen a right surgeon. Always choose the surgeon who is highly experienced in this field with number of success cases. There will be no chance of infection or bad hair transplant results if your hair transplant is done by the best hair transplant surgeon. But, if you choose a newly trained doctor, then you may experience difficulties.

The cost of hair transplant in Ludhiana is approximately ranges from Rs. 80000 to Rs. 3,50000. There are some factors like qualification of the doctor, experience of the surgeon, type of surgery, number of sittings etc. which can add up to the cost. To know the best price for hair transplant in Ludhiana, call us at the given number and know the best offer for you.

This is a call that our experienced surgeons will take for you, once they have given you a proper examination. For many people, shaving the head is inevitable, but for many people, shaving only a small portion might be more than enough. The decision will be taken, based on the extent of your hair loss, the situation of your donor and recipient areas.

Once the hair grafts are secure and taken complete hold, you should be able to style them the way you want, including getting them cut. Do talk to your hair transplant surgeon regarding the same to get more details.

The cost of a transplant will be dependent on a range of factors – how extensive your recipient area is, how abundant your donor area is, the quality of the hair in the donor area and how many grafts will be needed. The actual cost of the transplant can be conveyed only post a thorough examination has been conducted, in-person.

Ideally, a hair transplant should be done after you have turned 30, because by then, the hair loss will have mostly stabilised. However, transplants can be done for younger people too.

Absolutely! If the transplant has not been done by a professional and experienced doctor, without the use of proper equipment and in unhygienic conditions, a transplant is sure to fail. It is imperative that you get your transplant done only from a reputed clinic, by the hands of surgeons who has proper licenses and certifications and have plenty of experience.

As previously explained, Bio-FUE is the in house technique of AK Clinics. Doctors at AK Clinics work hard and strive everyday to provide the best results. Our clinic is fully equipped with modern facilities and have the best hair transplant surgeons in Ludhiana.

At AK Clinics, hair grafts are extracted in a Zig-Zag manner so that the new hair growth will cover the area from where grafts have been extracted. So there will be no visible scarring.

PRP therapy or Biotherapy act as a hair growth stimulator. It enhances the hair growth along with the faster healing and improved hair texture.

Shock loss is basically a short period in which patient will experience hair shedding. But no need to worry. Hair will regrow after sometime.

Yes. Hair Transplant is a successful procedure as it is a permanent procedure for hair restoration. On an average, it takes 6-12 months for a complete hair growth after the hair transplant. But you can start noticing new hair growth after 3-4 months of your surgery.

FUE hair transplant requires the extraction of hair follicles with the help of punches. Most of the clinics use sharp punches for the extraction which results in the partially dissected hair follicles and these hair follicles are not used for transplantation. As a result, doctors extract more hair follicles resulting in loss of donor area completely. While at AK Clinics, we use blunt punches for extraction especially designed by our doctors and we transplant only 100% viable hair follicles. We holds the record of less than 3% FTR worldwide.

The Best hair transplant clinic is one who have numerous successful cases of hair transplant surgery, highly experienced surgeon, Internationally recognized, famous worldwide, well trained staff, ultra modern equipments for hair transplant surgery etc. AK Clinics is known as the Best hair transplant clinic in Ludhiana and has number of satisfied patients and counting is still on.

Normally, you will be asked to refrain from alcohol consumption till the time your healing process is complete. However, you can ask the surgeon the exact time frame directly once your surgery done.

Depending on your age and your body’s natural healing process, it can take around 6 months for the healing process to complete. Once the healing is complete, the transplanted follicles will start to grow in and you will see more coverage.

  • Stop alcohol consumption a week before the procedure
  • Stop smoking at least 15 days before the procedure
  • There are certain medications that you might be asked to stop, particularly blood thinners
  • Keep your scalp and hair clean
  • Don’t cut or colour your hair in the days immediately before your procedure
  • Wear button down clothes, as opposed to something you have to wear over your head
  • Make arrangement for transportation post procedure

  • Make sure that you adhere to every single directive given to you by the clinic
  • Wash the transplant site with very gentle hands and with the shampoo prescribed by the doctor
  • Make sure that you dry your hair very gently
  • Do not use any hair products for at least 15 days
  • Do not indulge in any strenuous physical activities for 3 weeks
  • Do not smoke or drink for 15 days
  • Sleep with your head slightly elevated
  • Drink plenty of water

If you are getting your hair transplant done at AK Clinics in Ludhiana, then you have everything in your favour – you will have access to one of the most reputed clinics in the entire country. Here, you will be treated by surgeons who have years of experience and have truly skilled hands. The surgeons are assisted by experienced support staff. With the most modern equipment and state of the art procedures, you will get a procedure that is beyond compare. Each procedure room is sanitised after every procedure and the interiors are always kept clean and sanitary.

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