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Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi

Get the best hair transplant in Delhi from the Internationally recognized hair transplant doctors. Delhi has become the hub of hair transplant clinics. Top hair transplant clinics offer high-quality hair transplant in Delhi. Hair transplantation is the procedure that requires high expertise and skills. So, hair transplant surgery should be done by a highly experienced doctor and from a famous hair transplant clinic in Delhi.

AK Clinics offers the best hair transplant in Delhi at affordable prices. Our clinic is located in Greater Kailash and is one of the top clinics of hair transplant who not only excel in providing best hair transplantation results by top hair transplant surgeons in Delhi but has ultra modern facilities to cater the world class services to the patients.

AK Clinics since 2007, have been pioneers and leaders in the field of art of hair restoration. We have a team of professional hair transplant doctors who thrives hard to deliver the best hair transplant results. We are fully equipped with the advanced techniques along with hair transplant surgeons who are expert in world class surgical skills and all important artistry go without saying. Apart from this,

  • AK Clinic's hair transplant clinic in Delhi have ultra-modern and hygienic OTs.
  • Extraction of grafts at AK Clinic's Delhi is done using blunt punches to avoid graft wastage.
  • Before hair transplant procedure, virtually pain free local anesthesia is given to the patient.
  • Continuous spray of normal saline to prevent the dehydration of the grafts.
  • Customized slit making step performed only by doctor using CTS (cut-to-size) blades.
  • Highly Experienced & certified doctors that perform hair transplant procedure in Delhi

Hair Transplant & Hair Fall Treatments Available in Delhi

AK Clinics, one of the pioneers hair transplant clinic in Delhi, offering wide range of hair loss treatment in the city including;

Types of Hair Transplant

Hair restoration surgery involves the precision and expertise to deliver the best results after the hair transplant procedure. The initial methods of hair transplant were based around removing an entire patch of the scalp and then removing the grafts from that piece of scalp. The improved version of that procedure is what we know as follicular unit transplant or FUT. The more modern method is what is known as FUE or follicular unit extraction, wherein there are no cuts. Many Hair transplant clinic in Delhi uses FUE & FUT based on number of grafts required. At our clinic, there is a team of professional consultants and doctors to analyze your hair loss pattern so that they can cater the best hair restoration services according to your customized treatment plan. For transplanting less number of grafts, our doctors recommend Bio-FUE TM hair transplant while for the transplantation of huge number of grafts, doctors recommend the combination of strip surgery i.e. FUT along with the Bio-FUE hair transplant. The different types of hair transplant techniques used in our clinic are;

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a minimally less invasive method to traditional strip surgery. In FUE, the hair follicles are extracted one by one using the blunt punches. These punches make slit around the hair follicle and root is extracted easily. The main purpose of FUE hair transplant is to provide the minimal visible scarring along with the least possible trauma to the graft and donor area.

FUT Hair Transplant

FUT or Follicular Unit Hair Transplant is also known as Strip Surgery or Linear Surgery and it is one of the most common hair transplant procedures in this field. FUT procedure involves the removal of a thin strip of skin containing hair follicles from the safe donor area. FUT hair transplant requires a highly experienced surgeon to avoid after hair transplant complications. At AK clinics, we have a professional panel of highly experienced doctors to provide the best hair transplant in Delhi.


Bio-FUE TM is the advanced technique of FUE hair transplant and is the trademarked procedure of AK Clinics. In Bio-FUETM hair transplant, hair growth factors are injected into the scalp to enhance the hair growth after hair transplant. These hair growth factors contain essential vitamins for hair growth, plasma or other hair growth boosters. This results in faster hair growth, faster healing along with the better hair texture.

Giga-Session @ AK

Bio-DHT TM is the combination of Direct Hair Transplant and Bio-Therapy (PRP Therapy). In Bio-DHTTM, hair follicles are extracted from the safe donor area and implanted concurrently in the recipient area. This technique is founded our hair transplant surgeons and is giving the high rate of success in terms of fuller hair growth after hair transplant surgery. This technique requires high skills and is performed by our highly expert hair transplant surgeons only.

Advantages of Bio-FUETM over FUE/FUT Hair Transplant

Local Anesthesia Virtually Pain Free Mostly Painful
Slit Making Before Extraction After Extraction
Blades Imported CTS blades Needles
Trauma & Bleeding Minimal Variable
Punches Blunt/Flat Any Punches
FTR Minimal (<3%) Around 30%
100% Viability of Implanted Grafts Yes No
Biotherapy along Hair Transplant Yes May or May Not
Poor Hair Growth Rare Yes
Donor Area Thinning No Yes

Cost of Hair Transplant in Delhi

What is the price of Hair Transplant in Delhi? How much will a Hair Transplant cost? Our consultants came across these questions about the cost of hair restoration procedure daily. Each hair transplant surgery is different from another. Hair transplant’s cost typically depend upon the cost per graft but there are many other factors that dictate the cost of hair transplant.

There are some clinics who offer hair transplant at low cost which arises the question that why there is a lot of difference in the cost of hair transplant in different clinics. This is due to the reason that some newly trained doctors offer the hair transplant at low cost which eventually results in the bad hair transplant. There are other risks involved in getting hair transplant at low cost also including infection after hair transplant surgery, uneven extraction from the donor area, less hair growth and many more. So, it is important to get the hair transplant done from an experienced and well reputed clinic.

Who performed hair transplant surgery at AK clinics, Delhi?

At AK Clinics, the top hair transplant clinic in Delhi, every hair transplant surgery is performed by the doctors with the help of highly experienced technicians for assisting. We have the best team of hair transplant surgeons who excel in providing the best and most natural results after hair transplant procedure. The whole team is led by Dr. Kapil Dua and Dr. Aman Dua who are the co-founders of the AK Clinics. They both hold the International recognition in the field of hair restoration and aesthetic cosmetology.

Best hair transplant Surgeon in delhi

Dr. Kapil Dua

Chairman & Chief Hair Transplant Surgeon
Member, FUE Advancement Committee, ISHRS, USA

Chief Dermatologist & Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Aman Dua

Chief Dermatologist & Hair Transplant Surgeon

hair transplant doctor in Delhi

Dr. Vandana Verma

Dermatologist & Hair Transplant Surgeon
MD, Dermatology & VL
Fellow in hair Transplant(ISRAEL)

Why AK Clinics for Hair Transplant in Delhi?

Here are several reasons why people from all over Delhi, Noida and Gurgoan, choose to come to AK Clinics, a leading hair transplant clinic of Delhi NCR Region with their hair transplantation related requirements, and just some of them include


Natural Hair Line

Since the donor hair will be harvested from your head, you can be sure that they will look completely natural. Additionally, they will be permanent and will grow healthy in a matter of time. Once they fit in, you can cut them, style them or even colour them, the way you want.

Pain-free Procedure

We have developed numerous ingenious methods of anaesthesia and sedation, which will ensure that you feel absolutely comfortable during the procedure. If you are really worried about the pain, we will provide you with sedation and you can sleep through the entire procedure.


High Graft Yield

Our Follicular Transection Rate is well below 5% in follicular unit extraction, and this is proof that we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure the health of the follicles. In addition, we harvest only from the permanent zones and ensure that the grafts spend minimum time outside the body

Graft Given by Counting

The patient is given an option to count to the grafts/follicles to instil a level of confidence in the clinic. Only viable follicles are counted


Experienced Surgeons

At AK Clinics, the surgeons are trained on the technique which is unique. This can also be only performed at our centres because it requires Standardized structure with technology platform ‘intelligible’.

Ultra Hygiene

We give utmost importance to the hygiene to give patient a complete infection free surgery. It is very important aspect that amounts to final results

Before & After Results

Hair transplant at AK Clinics
NW Grade V
No. of Grafts Transplanted 2300
Technique Used FUE
Age 32 Year
Result After 1 Year
Hair transplant result of 3000 Grafts
NW Grade V
No. of Grafts Transplanted 3000
Technique Used Bio-FUETM
Age 38 Year
Result After 9 Months
Hair transplant result at our Clinics
NW Grade III
No. of Grafts Transplanted 2250
Technique Used FUT
Age 30 Year
Result After 1 Year
Before & After 2284 Grafts Hair transplant
NW Grade VI
No. of Grafts Transplanted 5240
Technique Used Bio-FUETM
Age 50 Year
Result After 1 Year
Hair transplant result - 2284 Grafts
NW Grade VI
No. of Grafts Transplanted 2284
Technique Used Bio-FUETM
Age 27 Year
Result After 8 Months


What our Patient Say about us?

Rajneesh singh

The entire surgical staff including Dr. Kapil delivers utmost professional and knowledgeable service, extremely efficient processes, and were generous and kind. I could not have envisioned a more pleasurable experience for undergoing treatment or surgery in any facility as the AK Clinics.

Reviewed for: Hair Transplant
Clinic Location: Delhi
Paul Smith

Dr Kapil and Dr. Aman were amazing from beginning to end. I am only 2 months post op and there are hairs already growing in after Bio-FUETMhair transplant. I just can't wait to see what my hair will look like in another 6 months. They explained the whole post-op care instructions. The whole experience was great.

Reviewed for: Hair Transplant
Clinic Location: Delhi
Mrinal Kumar

I had a hair transplant at AK Clinics 6 months back from Dr. Kapil Dua. I must say, as they claim, my hair growth improved and i can see visible results after my hair transplant. I had severe hair loss and he recommended me few sessions of PRP therapy after my surgery. He is the best surgeon in this field.

(Hair Transplantation)
Reviewed for: Hair Transplant
Clinic Location: Delhi
Chaman Goyal

I was confused about getting a hair transplant. But then I came across AK Clinics while searching. I went to their clinic and had a consultation session with Dr. Dua. And after walking out of his clinic, I was assured that I am getting my hair transplant done from AK Clinics.

Reviewed for: Hair Transplant
Clinic Location: Delhi


Hair transplant is a surgical process and involves the elimination of scalp grafts from a donor site and relocating them to a bald area or thinning area. Grafts are the hair follicles containing 1-4 hair. These hair follicles are usually extracted from the area of scalp that are generally not vulnerable to balding or are resistant to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) such as the back of the head. This area is also known as Safe Donor Area.

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