Que: I am really worried and am hoping that you can help me – I got a hair transplant nine months back, and while my hair is growing, it is doing so in patches. My doctor says that I should wait another 3 months, before hitting the panic button, but at this point, it does not look very promising. The bigger problem is that the roots of my grafts are completely visible and it looks like several rashes have made home at the base. It almost looks like a bad allergic reaction. Is this all normal or do I have cause for worry?
Ans: Having taken a look at the picture that you have sent, there is something certainly wrong. The rate of hair growth is much slower than it should be, although it might improve in the next 2 to 3 months. However, in order to offer a proper solution, it is important to understand what went wrong in the initial stages and what is going wrong with your scalp, right now. We would suggest that you visit a good dermatologist immediately.

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