Doctor: Hair Transplant is the only successful, permanent & established treatment of baldness until the successful hair cloning is devised. At the same time, the method of implantation for even cloned grafts still may remain the same as hair transplant. Hair transplantation is a procedure in which hair from the back of the scalp is taken and transplanted in the bald area. Hair transplant has also changed its shapes from punch grafts to robotic hair transplant. But there are primarily only 2 ways in which the extraction is done the strip method(FUT) & FUE. Both techniques are very successful & followed worldwide. But it is not justified to state which is better as both have relative merits and demerits.

Fundamental difference between FUT( STRIP) and FUE technique lies in its extraction process.

1 Method Extraction of individual follicular units through small punches. No Sutures Scalpel excision of donor strip with suturing
2 Scarring Small scars are formed which are inconspicuous and get merged very well most of the times but not always especially if overdone Linear Scar that may be visible if hair is trimmed /shaved
3 Donor Source Scalp and Body Back of Scalp
4 Quantity of Hair Large session difficult (upto 2000 – 2500 graft) Larger session (upto 3000 graft possible)
5 Natural Result Yes, Permanent Yes, Permanent
6 Recovery Back to routine activity within few days Suturing used healing over 10 days
7 Cost Moderate Slightly Lower
8 Time Take Moderate Slightly Less
9 Pain Not Painless. But anesthesia is given in such a way that it feels painless to the patient Not Painless. But anesthesia is given in such a way that it feels painless to the patient
10 Preferred Hair restoration of short hair/small number of graft or for patients that have undergone several STRIP procedures and their scalp has become too tight Grade of baldness is higher and the donor area is not very good, strip technique is usually preferred

FUE Hair Transplant

In the FUE approach individual hair follicles are extracted directly from the scalp and then transplanted in bald area. The scalpel or stitches are not required,   resulting in significantly less down time, due to faster healing.

FUE Hair Transplant

Each hair follicle is extracted solely with precision thus, making it a more time consuming and labor intensive process. There is a hardly any complication and almost no scars are visible within a week.

The surgeons adopt the follicular unit that offers the most hairs per graft, and produce an optimal yield. Due to the non-invasive nature of FUE the scars produced during the transplantation process are so tiny that they can’t be detected by naked eyes. But after a week no scars visible.

A surgeon has to be proficient to perform both the techniques with perfection. A strip procedure limits the surgeon to use only the excised strip of scalp tissue, at that time the doctor is required to implement their artistry for adequate distribution to achieve optimum result.

FUE is an admirable technique for hair restoration of short hair or for patients that have undergone several STRIP procedures and their scalp has become too tight. At this moment, FUE is the latest and most refined approach to escape early stages of baldness. At the same time it is essential to understand the difference between the two methods.

FUT(Strip) Hair Transplant

In FUT (Strip) method, the grafts or hair are harvested along with skin or a thin donor strip of scalp along with hair is taken from back of head and its hair follicles subsequently being dissected into individual follicular units with the aid of special microscopes.

FUT Hair Transplant

They are then placed in the balding region, where the surgeon has already made recipient sites.

Adopting FUT (STRIP technique) for hair transplant can be more attractive to some patients as it is economical despite knowing that it may produce linear scars.

A strip is usually preferred if higher number of grafts are required as more grafts can be obtained from a smaller area and protecting rest of the donor area at the same time.

If the grade of baldness is higher and the donor area is not very good, strip technique is usually preferred.

It is usually considered that the strip technique takes less time. However in the hands of an experienced FUE surgeon, the grafts can be extracted within the same time period or even less, at times.

Cost : FUT is cheaper compared to FUE due to the ease of doing the procedure. FUE needs special instruments and the surgeon has to be extremely skilled for doing the surgery at the right pace.
The decision for determining the most appropriate extraction technique can be determined after consultation with the hair restoration surgeon as he considers various factors including quality and density of existing hair, the future natural hair loss pattern, the number of grafts required, etc.. Extraction of hair follicles is not just the only criteria to be taken into consideration for a successful hair transplant as the surgeon should possess extensive technology, ability, experience and technique to perform the hair restoration process on a bald head.

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