Que: I have heard about products such as Caboki and other hair loss concealers, but I have also heard that they can suffocate the hair follicles, especially when the pores are open, due to sweat or heat. I have been told that I am a Norwood 3 classification, which means that I am often able to get away with a hair concealer. However, I do intend to get a hair transplant soon, especially when I lose most of the hair from my temple area. What I want to know is whether I will lose more hair because of the use of the hair concealer?

Ans: It is a myth that hair loss is aggravated because of hair concealers, because they are usually made with synthetic or organic keratin fibres. These are applied over your scalp and offer covering to them and hence have no interaction whatsoever with the hair follicles. The reason why this myth has grown is because most people notice hair falling out, due to androgenetic alopecia, and prefer to place the blame on the hair care product.

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