Hair Transplant Cost in India

Hair transplant cost in india

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Cost is the key factor in the Hair Transplant Procedure because it is a  minimal invasive procedure involving surgery. For every patient suffering from Alopecia or Baldness it is very essential and important to know the cost of hair transplant procedure. Hair transplant procedure involves use of microscope and other  high end scientific instruments, anaesthesia etc. Since it is a surgical procedure which needs proper diagnosis from each and every aspects before it is carried out successfully so the procedure becomes a little bit expensive but at AK Clinics, ourskilled doctors make it affordable and highly cost effective by their precious


Moreover the cost of hair restoration procedure depends upon the various factors:


  • Number of hair follicles grafted and transplanted
  • Area of scalp under transplant procedure
  • Single or multiple transplants
  • Presence of any other hair and skin related disease
  • Regular or irregular shape of area to be hair transplanted
  • Position and nature of area for hair transplantation- like eyebrows, moustache, beard

The cost ranges from INR 90K (USD1500) to INR 2.0 Lac (USD 3450). Hence it  shows that this hair transplant procedure is not  so costly as it appears to people generally.  Also this procedure can be done in the way to reduce the cost by decreasing the number of follicles grafted and transplanted as per need and requirement of the patient. Our highly qualified professionals help the patient to choose the right hair transplant plan and to follow  the perfect strategy to enhance the benefits of this unique procedure to have permanent and natural hair that boosts your self confidence and personality. This hair transplant treatment is a boon for every beauty conscious women to enhance aesthetic beauty leaving behind stress and depression.