Hair Transplant cost in India

No matter what type of procedure you are getting done, you have to remember that there will be a price tag attached to it and most medical procedures tend to be expensive. Most of the times, people have this notion that hair transplant procedure will burn a hole in their pocket, but it is important to remember that good quality, experience and a high level of professionalism will demand money.

However, at AK Clinics, the final cost of hair transplantation will depend solely on what kind of procedure & surgeon you are going for. If you are going for a non-surgical procedure, it will not cost you a lot, but if you are going for a proper transplant, you will need to shell out a little money. Hair Weaving cost may be less in short term but in long term most people go for transplant or stop using hair patch.

You need to remember that when you come to AK Clinics for a hair transplant, we will offer you a procedure that is minimally invasive and our team will ensure that you have the most natural looking results, with the least amount of discomfort. We will be using instruments and equipment that is state of the art and our team knows how to utilise it in the best possible manner. When you add all these together you will realise that what you pay will actually be a great investment for yourself!

Hair transplant requirement for Different Grades of Baldness

Hair Transplant Cost for Grade

Hair Transplant is not recommended and one should only start with some medicines to promote hair growth

Hair Transplant Cost for Grade 2A

Hair Transplant can be done only if one is is not happy with the hairline. The requirement will be 800 to 2000 follicles depending on the expectation

Hair Transplant Cost for Grade 3V AND 3A

One should ask about hair loss treatments like PRP Therapy, Low Level Laser Therapy, Hair Gain Therapy. In case one plans to go for hair transplant 1500 to 3000 follicles will be required

Hair Transplant Cost for Grade 4A and 4

Almost 4000 follicles to 4500 follicles will be required to treat the area. It is important that Medical therapy is given along to preserve the existing hair.

Hair Transplant Cost for Grade 5, 5A and 5V

This is certainly a case of hair transplant where requirement will be 5000 to 6500 follicles which can be given over 2 sittings or combination technique

Hair Transplant Cost for Grade 6

Definitely a case of Gigasession or requires 2 sitting to cover the complete area.

Hair Transplant Cost for Grade 7

This kind of baldness should also explore Artificial hair restoration or plan to cover the area in 2-3 sittings

Why get it done at AK Clinics?

Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider getting the transplant done at AK Clinics:

  • A team of high trained and experienced professionals
  • An equally trained and dedicated team of support staff
  • Customised transplant plans, which are followed with care
  • Proper pre and post-operative care
  • A promise of good results and natural looking hair

Getting a proper head of hair is often all that a lot of people need to get their confidence in themselves back and at AK Clinics, we will do just that for you!

Hair Transplant Estimated Cost

Following are the approximate cost range for different standard clinics for hair transplant. The cost of hair transplant procedure is determined on a “per graft” or “per follicle” basis and the number is dependent on individual’s bald area, clinic, surgeon’s experience and expectation from the hair transplant. That is the reason it is no realistic to provide an exact estimate. Instead, we encourage patients to share their hair loss pictures and schedule a free online consultation with our doctors.

Number of Follciles Cost on Lower Side Cost on Higher Side No of Sittings
1000 – 1500 Hair Follicles INR 30,000/- INR 65,000/- 1 Sitting
2000 – 3000 Hair Follicles INR 60,000/- INR 145,000/- 1 Sitting
4000 – 5000 Hair Follicles INR 120,000/- INR 225,500/- 1 Sitting
6000 – 8000 Hair Follicles INR 200,000/- INR 350,000/- 1-2 Sitting

Disclaimer: The above mentioned price is only for reference, every patient is given a custom quote depending on the choice of surgeon, location and technique. There is Service Tax/GST applicable on the cosmetic surgeries in India.

FUE and FUT Procedure Cost

Both FUE and FUT costs almost the similar but only the clinics which are highly experienced & have a good stable team offer FUT as this requires more trained manpower and only good surgeon can perform. But patients with higher grade of baldness

Hair Transplant on EMI with 0% Interest

AK Clinics offers its local patients with a facility payment in easy monthly installments by getting the hair transplant finance from Bajaj Finance. Know More

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