Success Story – Eyebrow Hair Transplant Results After 1 Year

Highlights - 25 yr old pateint from Delhi (India) / Eyebrow Hair Transplant Total Grafts - 100 Technique - FUE Result After 1 year A 25 yrs old female presented with the complaint irregular, misdirected hair in both the eyebrows since last few months. On detail history we found out that she had thin eyebrow and she had undergone eyebrow transplant at some clinic which resulted in her current state. She was more worried due to misdirected hair on eyebrows which were prominently visible. So we suggested her to undergo corrective eyebrow transplant. We removed misdirected hair from eye brow and to give it proper shape around 100 grafts were implanted on each side to give it natural look. Only single hair grafts were used. The surgery was performed by FUE method in single sitting and was uneventful and the patient was discharged in a satisfactory condition. We are hereby presenting her pictures 1 year post surgery. The main thing to be noticed now is that the alignment of grafts in now proper. The only she faces now is that she has to trim her eyebrows quie frequently as the scalp hair grow quickly in the brows.




immidate postop


after 1 year

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