Facial Hair Transplant – Beard, Moustache and Eyebrow

Importance of Face

Face is the most vital and important structure of human body. It is the unique identity of an individual that has the greatest and the most memorable impact on others. Eyebrows, moustaches, beard contribute to a larger extent to make the face more beautiful and attractive whereas the marks, scars, hair loss, thin hair density, abnormal and irregular shapes of eyebrows, beard, moustache on face represent its deserted, older and tired look. Face has far greater role to play in growth and development of one’s personality. In the industries related to glamour world such a film industry, theatre, art etc. face has its value beyond one’s expectation.

Facial Hair Transplant

The Facial hair transplant is a minimally invasive procedure to grow hairs on any part of face. In facial hair transplant, an eminent surgeon can grow hairs on bald area as well as on that part of face which never had any hair. In fact, beard transplant is becoming more and more prevelant these days. It is very important cosmetic surgery which may include more than one part of face such that overall physical appearance of face becomes more symmetric and pleasant. The hair transplant surgeons at AK Clinics perform this surgery with greater efficiency to enhance more symmetry and attractive features of face especially beard transplant. Healthy hair follicles are extracted very carefully from donor area and then transplanted at identified part in very specific orientation and direction using FUE and FUT procedures. The choice of procedure depends upon the diagnosis, part of face involved and of course on the patient. FUT leaves a linear scar whereas FUE procedure leaves tiny dot like scars.

Our team

Dr. Kapil Dua at AK Clinics is the highly qualified and well experienced cosmetic surgeon in the field of facial hair transplant procedure that helps in restoring and growing hairs on face. Dr. Kapil Dua has his training at renowned international medical clinics of par excellence. Dr. Kapil Dua with his well trained and dedicated team has been performing excellent facial hair transplant surgery with higher success rate for many years. AK Clinics has established international standards in fields of facial hair transplants, patients’ care and hygienic environment with lot of facilities required for superior results. We all at AK Clinics fully understand the expectations and respect the emotions of our patients. Dr Kapil Dua’s well performed surgeries have brought not only beauty on the face but an inner smile of patient that itself speaks aloud.

Objectives of facial hair transplant

Growing hair successfully over bald area is one of the objectives of facial hair transplant but it has many other inseparable advantages such as –

  • Achieving a specific and unique look of the face similar to some world renowned personality as required and expected by the patient
  • Hiding natural birthmarks, acne marks, injury marks and scars on face
  • Increasing the size of eyebrows, moustaches, beard
  • Creating the new eyebrows, moustaches, beard
  • Changing the shape of eyebrows, moustaches, beard
  • Even the injured part/s can be filled by this surgery by growing hairs on that area of face
  • Cosmetic surgeons can increase the density of hairs in eyebrows, moustaches and beard
  • Hair line can be restored, enhanced or a new one can be drawn as per requirement of the case
  • Hairs are natural and permanent and no difference can be observed there as compared to all other hairs already exist on the face

Hair Transplant in Eyebrow

eyebrow hair transplantThis procedure is performed with the greatest artistic efficiency keeping in mind the dimensions of face, structure and shape of eyes and many more features of face and just not simply a hair transplant procedure. Well qualified, thoroughly trained and highly experienced cosmetic surgeon such as Dr. Kapil Dua at AK Clinics performs this type of eyebrow hair transplant with greater success in routine. Length and width of eyebrows can be increased. Grafting of new follicles can alter the shape of eyebrow to make the face more attractive, young and appealing. Hairs grown by eyebrow transplant procedure are natural and permanent. It is the only available and most effective treatment for growing hairs in eyebrows in individuals who lack eyebrows genetically by birth. FUE procedure is adopted for hair transplant in eyebrows to get better result without any mark or scar.


Hair Transplant in Moustache

Some people either lack hairs or have very few hairs due to genetic effects, hormonal changes etc. in their moustaches. In some cases of trauma and diseases like cleft lip, this procedure of growing hair is very useful as this is the only choice left for having hairs in normal part where moustache is expected to grow naturally. Latest or desired Fashion trends in moustache can be achieved very easily but only with the help of hair transplant surgery. This procedure helps in many ways such as restoring hairs, increasing density, altering length and width of moustache and modifying the shape of moustache.

Hair Transplant in Beard

Facial Hair TransplantOn attaining puberty hairs began to grow on face of boys, generally considered a sign of identity in males with new look and personality. In many individuals due to genetic makeup and hormonal imbalances, hairs either don’t grow at all on face of male or are very sparse with very thin, feeble regular or irregular hair line. It results in smooth, mostly shiny or sometimes rough appearance of facial skin does not impart masculine look to boys and it may become embarrassing situation sometimes in social circles. But it can be solved by hair transplant procedure very comfortably and quickly giving rise to permanent and natural hairs. Moreover one can enhance the hair density, area of facial skin under the beard and one can have trendy beard of latest style of fashion world.

Facial Transplantation

This minor surgery under local or general anesthesia is performed within hours depending upon case to case. You need not to stay in hospital overnight. After the surgery you may experience swelling and bruising which reduces and ultimately vanishes after few days and there is no need to worry about because you are in the hands of expert Dr. Kapil Dua, a world renowned cosmetic surgeon in field of hair transplant. Cost of facial hair transplant depends upon the part of face undergoing hair transplant, area of face, number of grafts transplanted etc. the cost therefore is different for each specific case of facial hair transplant.(examples photos are given above)