What is Bio-FUETM?

Bio FUE is a trademarked procedure of FUE hair transplant developed by our own team of doctors at AK Clinics. It is a long term customized plan of hair restoration for our patients. It takes into account the fact that hair loss is a progressive condition & different patients have different hair characteristics or different patterns of hair loss. In Bio FUE technique, the hair follicles or grafts are extracted by our special technique along with administration of growth factors into the scalp, making hair stronger, longer and healthier. There are 5 steps of Bio FUE and we shall now discuss the same.

How is Local Anaesthesia Different in Bio-FUETM

Local Anesthesia is used to block the sensations of pain in the scalp or other body part which is going to be operated during hair transplantation. It can be administered either by applying topical anesthesia or by injecting into the skin directly. Routinely at other clinics, the area to be operated upon is made numb by injecting local anesthesia into the scalp and there is pain at the time of administration.

Virtually pain free Local Anesthesia

But at AK clinics, it is virtually pain free as we follow a special procedure to curb the pain sensation.

  • We firstly apply anesthetic gel to the base of the scalp 40 minutes before starting the anesthesia.
  • Then we use world’s thinnest needles and vibrator on the area to make it virtually pain free anesthesia.

How is Slit Making Different in Bio-FUETM

Slit making is a process of creating space in the scalp where the grafts will be implanted. Routinely at other clinics, slits are made in the recipient area using needles after the extraction of grafts is over. The slits are variable in size and depth which leads to uneven level growth of hair.

Innovative & Customized Slit Making

But At AK clinics, it is different. Our experienced surgeons perform slit making before extraction so as to decrease the out of body time of grafts. (It is the time interval between the extraction and implantation for which the grafts keep on lying outside the body in the storage solution). They make the slits with the special CTS (cut to size) blades. The procedure for doing the same is as below:

Five test grafts are taken out from the patients scalp. The average length of the grafts is measured. Then, the length of the shaft of the blade is adjusted as per your hair length and then the slits are made at proper angle, direction and density.The use of imported CTS (cut to size) blades with guard on the holder ensures that the depth of each and every slit is as per the length of your graft which gives following benefits:

  • There is minimal chance of mechanical trauma to the underlying vessels.
  • The time spent by grafts outside the body is minimum which helps to keep your hair viable and gives better results.

How is Extraction Different in Bio-FUE

Extraction is the process of removal of grafts from the back side of scalp. Routinely, the grafts are extracted using sharp punches. These punches go deeper into the soft tissues making the unit loose and finally removed. The transection rates in most cases are not recorded & are in the range of 30% or more. Further these clinics target very high number of grafts by going out permanent zone and as a result these hair do not last long and fall off soon.

Safe donor area

At AK clinics, our surgeons extract strictly from safe donor with our special FLAT punches. Safe donor area or permanent zone is a horse shoe shaped area on the backside of the head which is not affected by DHT hormone.

Flat Punch

FLAT punch is a special punch developed by our doctors which has a flat surface and minimizes wastage during extraction. The extraction process starts with selection of the flat punch which is generally 1mm less than the average length of the grafts.

Zig-Zag Extraction

Extraction is done in a zig-zag manner ensuring that no two consecutive grafts are extracted. This way the graft next to the extracted graft covers the spot after hair growth. By doing so:

    By doing so:

  • The donor area does not thin out & almost remains the same as before the surgery.
  • This highly precise procedure ensures that you get the best quality grafts for implantation & the wastage limited to 2-3% only in most of the surgeries.

How is Implantation Different in Bio-FUETM

Smooth Implantation

Implantation is the process of putting back of extracted grafts back into the scalp. Routinely, grafts are extracted and they are implanted into the slit of the bald area by other clinics and grafts are stored in storage solution while the extraction is being done. Then they are implanted by keeping them on a gauze piece on hand end holding it at the level of hair of hair root at the time of implantation. In this technique, the former leads to dehydration and the latter trauma of grafts which leads to a poor yield.

Smooth Implantation

But at AK clinics, we implant them immediately after extraction, thereby decreasing the outside body time of grafts as mentioned above, We follow the FIRST OUT, FIRST IN principle i.e. we implant those grafts first which were taken out earlier thereby for this decreasing the outside body time of grafts. One person keeps on pouring saline at the time of implantation thereby preventing dehydration of grafts.

And the implantation is done by Double forceps technique in which we hold the grafts from the top of the hair shaft and not hair root.

  • We keep the grafts moist all the time.
  • We get better yield and results there by making it “value for money” for you.

How is Bio Therapy Different in Bio-FUETM

Bio therapy is the unique procedure of doing PRP (Platelet Rich Therapy) at AK Clinics. The therapy is based on the concept that human germinative cells have got the ability to stimulate various important structures in embryonic life.
At AK Clinics, we do everything “In House”. We draw around 40 cc of blood. We then process it in a specialized refrigerated centrifuge. The plasma is activated to release growth factors. This Platelet Rich Plasma is then injected into the superficial part of the scalp. The growth factors stimulate the stem cells and help to prolong the growth phase of the existing hair on the scalp.

Steps of Bio Therpy
  • Step-1: Blood is drawn from the body and transferred into the centrifuge tubes.
  • Step-2: Blood is then spun carefully in a centrifuge which will separate the blood components.
  • Step-3: The platelets rich plasma is then injected into the scalp or bald area.
  • Step-4: This platelet rich plasma will act like growth serum and help to promote the hair growth.

By doing so: There are innumerable benefits of Bio-FUE and just some of the most important ones are mentioned here:

  • Texture of transplanted hair is improved
  • Hair growth is boosted
  • The healing process is expedited, in both the donor and recipient areas
  • Most importantly, transplant results become better

Advantages of Bio-FUETM over routine FUE+PRP

Bio FUE Routine
Local Anesthesia :
Virtually pain free anesthesia Yes Mostly painful
Slit Making:
Slits are made before extraction
Imported CTS blades are used
Minimal trauma & bleeding
Uniform depth of slits
Proper direction of slits
Minimal out of body time of grafts
After extraction
Mostly painful
Only from safe donor area
With Flat punch
Length of punch as per length of hair
Very less wastage at the time of extraction
Grafts given as per the commitment
Yes (<3%)
All parts of scalp
Any ordinary punches
One length of punch only
Around 30%
Minimal trauma at the time of implantation
Proper hydration of grafts
Only 100% viable and complete grafts implanted
First out first in principle of implantation
Direction of hair growth matches the direction of natural hair
Yes (Double forceps technique)
Hair root is held with forceps
Biotherapy is done with every procedure
Complete procedure in-house
May or may not
May or may not
Post op
Swelling on forehead after surgery
Infection in donor & recipient area
Poor growth in recipient area
Thinning in donor area
Extremely rare

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