Stretch Marks

Becoming a mother is perhaps one of the most beautiful feelings a women can feel and for most women, this is one of the most memorable times of their lives. Most women enjoy watching their stomach balloon up, because they know that their baby is growing along with the stomach.However, once the baby is out in the world, women are plagued with what many of them call, the reminder – stretch marks!

While many people might not know that the medical term for stretch marks is striae distensae, they would certainly know that these are most commonly associated with pregnancy. These thin lines often run perpendicular to the lines of the skin. Whilst most commonly, stretch marks are seen on the stomach, they can also be seen in the armpits, upper thighs and even the chest. It is important to remember that stretch marks can even happen when an overweight person loses a lot of weight and the skin is not able to bounce back.

The marks are quite common and there is nothing really to worry about, because there is no pain and nor does it indicate towards any serious medical condition. However, they can look unpleasing to the eyes, which is why most women choose to wear clothes that cover their tummy, because they do not want people to see them. Though the technology has progressed enough for this white stretch marks removal. Our latest stretch marks laser treatment is very useful for stretch marks removal.

Causes of Stretch Marks

In the simplest of terms, there are two more reasons that could lead to stretch marks – pregnancy or sudden loss of an immense amount of weight. There are certain other reasons, which are considered to be causes:

  • Damage to the elastic fibres that are naturally present in the dermis, which is the deeper layer of the skin
  • Inflammation in the dermis, which leads to scar like changes
  • Excessive stretching of the skin
  • Incessant use of certain steroids
  • Very large breast implants
  • Puberty

Diagnosis of Stretch Marks

Before we plan for stretch marks removal laser treatment is very important to diagnose the condiction.Stretch marks have been around for a really long time, which is why people are able to recognise it quite easily. As a matter of fact, a doctor is not required to identify stretch marks. The stretch marks are neither painful nor are they itchy and typically, they do not point towards any serious conditions. What might initially start off as red or dark pink stripes, might even turn white, over time. These stretch marks during preganacy or dure to fat can be treated tith laser treatment.

Treatment of Stretch Marks

The best way to treat stretch marks is to take precautions right from the beginning, which is actually possible with pregnancy. Studies have shown that keeping the skin hydrated or moisturised can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. While it might be treated like an old wives tale, but not scratching the tummy during pregnancy can also reduce the appearance.Here are some of the most common ways of treating stretch marks:

Prescription medications such as Retin-A or Tazorac gels, will help with the stimulation of collagen, which will reduce the visibility of stretch marks, with continued usage. However, these topical creams will work only on fresh stretch marks. It is best that pregnant women talk to their doctor in advance and start using such medications during their pregnancy.

Dermabrasion can be used to peel away the top layer of the skin and once the new skin cells start to develop, the stretch marks will also fade away. Chemical peels will also work in a manner similar to dermabrasion, peeling away the top layer of the skin, revealing healthier skin beneath.

Of late, laser surgery has also shown some promising results – the skin is pulled taut, a special gel is applied to the stretch marks, and laser is applied to the area. The laser penetrates deep into the dermis, encouraging the production of collagen, which in turn will make the skin healthier and reduce the stretch marks.

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