Non-surgical Ultrasonic Liposuction


non surgical ultrasonic liposection

What is Non-surgical Ultrasonic Liposuction?

Excess weight is always a problem for most people and while there are those who will put in the effort to reduce the same by exercising or controlling their diet, there are those who will look for easier and more effective methods. One of the much favoured methods these days happens to be liposuction and even though the traditional method requires a few cuts, the newer versions don’t!
Welcome to the world of non-surgical liposuction and we at AK Clinics are one of the leaders in offering the same. Non-surgical liposuction is a comparatively new entry into the field of excess fat removal, but it is fast emerging as the most popular choice.

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Types of Non-surgical Ultrasonic Liposuction

At AK Clinics, we off you a range of anti-ageing treatments and these include:

Low level laser light

The idea behind using low level laser light is that it leads to the reduction of the stability of the adipocyte cell membranes. This in turn allows the cells to release the fat that would have been stored inside, without actually damaging the cell itself. We will suggest that you exercise post the procedure, because this will encourage the lymph flow, again leading to weight loss.


In this method, we use focused thermal ultrasound, which allows us to increase the temperature of the tissues. This in turn will lead to the necrosis of the adipocytes and the passive heating will also lead to the remodelling of the collagen.


This is the method in which cryogenics are used to remove the excess fat cells – the process is reasonably simple and straightforward. The adipose tissues are frozen and this leads to the death of the cells.

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Non-surgical Ultrasonic Liposuction

non-surgical ultrasonic liposuction

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Before, during & after the Non-surgical Ultrasonic Liposuction?

Our highly qualified plastic surgeons at AK Clinics routinely perform breast reduction of patients suffering from this condition. AK Clinics is equipped with ultra modern equipments with all facilities and state-of-art-technology. Moreover our doctors are highly sensitive to your feelings and emotions and ensures you of masculine look through this surgery.

Before the procedure

Before we can decide which would be the best non-surgical liposuction procedure for you, we will have to make you go through an intensive examination. This will not only allow us to judge exactly how much fat needs to be removed, but also whether it can all be removed in a single sitting. We will use this time to demarcate the areas from where the fat has to be removed and also ask you to avoid smoking and alcohol, a few days before the procedure.

During the procedure

Depending on which type of liposuction you are undergoing, the procedure will change a little. However, the basic premise remains the same – light or laser, heat or cold is applied to the area where the fat needs to be removed. The adipose cells are destroyed and this leads to an almost immediate loss of fat and eventually weight.

After the procedure

Since these procedures are all non-surgical and minimally invasive, there is next to no downtime and you should be able to return to your normal routine, almost immediately. You might be asked to avoid alcohol, smoking and certain medications for a few days.

Possible risks and complications

As this procedure is still comparatively new, there are a few side effects, which have not been overcome. There could be dermal necrosis, seromas and foam blisters. However, if the procedure is being done properly, by experienced hands and with the correct equipment, there is little to no chance of any side effects or complications.

Frequently Asked Questions about Non-surgical Ultrasonic Liposuction

We strive to provide highest quality at affordable cost with hygiene and imported equipments

Some of the most commonly used methods include laser energy, ultrasound, radiofrequency and extreme cold or cryolipolysis.

Not only is the cost lesser, the recuperation time is also much lesser and you will also have the benefit of natural rejuvenation of the collagen.

There can be a little bit of discomfort for a day or two, but the healing time is much shorter as compared to the surgical liposuction.

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