We received an email from Hari, who wanted to know more about hair transplantation techniques, since he was considering one for himself.   

Here are important parts of the information that we shared with him:

Hello Hari,

Thank you for writing to us with your query and here is the information that you were looking for.

In the simplest of terms, a hair transplant is a process in which, small section of hair, along with the follicles are carefully removed from the head and then transplanted into areas which have excessive hair loss or balding. The areas from which the hair is extracted is known as the donor area – this area can be identified only by a professional. Normally, the donor areas are the back or the side of the head. The bald area where grafts are implanted is the recipient area.

There are various techniques for hair transplantation which include,

  • FUT (Follicular unit transplantation) Strip technique : Here, a strip of skin with hair follicles is taken from the donor area, which is then dissected into individual follicular units. This strip area is sutured and this leaves a scar at the donor site upon healing.
  • FUE (Follicular unit extraction) : In FUE, the grafts are taken individually using special instruments from the donor site. This is a suture free procedure.

The extracted grafts are implanted in the same manner in both the techniques. Another new technique is DHT or direct hair transplant, a modification of FUE, in which the grafts are implanted immediately after extraction without much delay. The results are found to be excellent with this novel technique.

The actual transplant procedure involves two main steps – harvesting and transplanting. In the first process, follicular units or grafts are extracted by strip or FUE technique. These grafts can vary from two to three strands of hair or more, depending on the density and viability. The next stage is the actual transplant process, where in, the grafts are carefully transplanted into the recipient areas. This is done by making small holes or slits on the recipient bald area and then implanting the grafts into these holes.

As doctors, we are extremely careful about both processes – not only do we ensure that there is no damage caused to the donor site, we also ascertain that the transplant looks natural. For this, we place each graft in the same direction as the natural growth of the hair.

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Our esteemed doctors Dr. Kapil Dua & Dr. Aman Dua from AK Clinics conducted a workshop on Hair Transplant in Aesthetics 2013 being held at New Delhi from 23rd Aug – 25th Aug. This conference is being attended by around 600 doctors from across the country and some neighboring countries. The most eminent doctors have been invited from across the globe to share their knowledge & experience.

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Dr Kapil Dua & Dr Aman Dua trained these doctors on various hair transplant techniques. They gave these doctors a hands-on experience of Follicular Unit Extraction ( FUE) technique. Most of them were amazed by the skill & expertise of the duo.

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Covering another milestone, doctors at AK Clinics performed the first ever Bio-DHT (Direct Hair Transplantation) surgery in India. “Bio-DHT method is the latest breakthrough in the hair restoration field. It has brought down the out of body time of Hair follicles from 2-3 hours to less than a minute”,said Dr. Aman.

She added that, “The minimum out of body time of Hair follicles ensures the survival of the hair follicles. On the other hand it also promotes quality results.

Explaining the technique Dr. Kapil Dua said, “Bio-DHT is based on a very simple concept but requires extreme precision. It’s a combination of PRP Therapy and Direct Hair transplant. Whereby, hair follicles are directly extracted from the donor area and are implanted into the recipient area at the same time.Along with it PRP therapy is given, in which Platelet Rich plasmais injected in to the scalp of the patient. The method is least invasive and generates high success rates. We’ve been researching on this combination for the last 2 years for the best results. For this procedure, the equipment uses including the OT table is of a different style unlike the conventional hair transplant equipment.

Further Dr. Dua informed that on daily basis they were getting queries regarding the technique. This method will soon be an international success. In fact we’re getting training requests from surgeons across the world for teaching this technique.

The doctors at AK Clinics said that they feel ecstatic as they have made this successful breakthrough in their journey to transform the looks of human race.

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About us

AK Clinics is an exclusive & India’s leading hair restoration centre. We offer best in class services to the patients from India & abroad. Following are the services provided:

  • Medical Consultation for all types of hair loss patients ranging from simple hair fall due to nutritional deficiency or hormonal to complex states like scarring alopecia.
  • Hair Analysis with ‘Caslite’ – world’s most advanced hair analysis system. This test tells you how many hair have you had already lost or did gain after the treatment.
  • Specialized Medical Therapy which brings back the hair even in resistant cases of hair fall.
  • Mesotherapy & Laser Therapy for re-growing hair in the cases uncontrolled hair fall.
  • Hair Transplant for the cases where baldness has already set in and nothing else has worked.

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