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Best Dermatologist in Bangalore for Skin

AK Clinics Bangalore

There are clinics that will offer you a handful of services, and then there is the best hair and skin clinic in Bangalore, where you can find every solution that your hair & skin might have been looking for. Whether you want your skin to look younger or to feel healthier or you are facing hair loss or baldness, AK Clinics in Bangalore is the best Hair & Skin clinic Bangalore that you will want to come to.

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The skin is the largest organ of the human body, but many a times, we neglect the same, because we are so busy in our daily lives. We subject our skin to harsh sunlight and harsher chemicals in the name of skin care products. Our diets are also such that there is not enough nutrition for the skin to look and feel healthy. Soon, you will notice that your skin is feeling tired and signs of aging will become visible, so much earlier than they are supposed to start showing. You will notice wrinkles, fine lines and a skin that is tired and blemished.
At AK Clinics, we will have the best skin care specialist in Bangalore, ready to assist you on your journey to the kind of skin you had always dreamt about.
We offer a range of cosmetology procedures including:

Anti Ageing

Best Dermatologist in Bangalore for Skin

When age starts to catch up, your skin will start showing the same, and at AK Clinics, we offer you a range of anti ageing treatments. While ageing is inevitable, there are procedures which can help keep the signs of ageing away for a little longer. Some of the most popular treatments offered at our clinic include Botox, dermal fillers and facial volumizers. We also provide Vampire lifts, fractional laser, fractional microneedle High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound or HUFA and monopolar RF. All these treatments and therapies are designed to reduce fine lines, tighten your skin from within and give you a younger look. With age, you will notice that that extra weight starts to show itself everywhere including your chin. With our FatX procedure, we can take away that double chin of yours, taking away a few years too. We invite you to talk to our skin specialist in Bangalore, and choose a procedure that works best for you.

Cosmetology Procedures

Skin Care Clinic in Bangalore

If it is not age that is the worrying factor for you, there are other cosmetology procedures that are offered at AK Clinics, Bangalore. We can ensure that your skin looks smooth with our skin polishing and laser photo facials. We can also use laser to remove acne, scars and pigmentation related problems. If it is acne that has been bothering you, we can help you with acne as well as acne scar treatments. With our chemical peels, you can say goodbye to skin that constantly looks tired and has marks and blemishes. At AK Clinics Bangalore, we also offer a range of medi-facials, which are designed to work like the normal facial, but have a much more profound effect on your skin. For people with oily skin, we offer the carbon peel, which is known to work really well, while our revolutionary OxyGeneo facial is like a super facial, because it gently exfoliates the skin, naturally oxygenating it and rejuvenating it from deep within. Our dual laser toning procedure can give your skin the even tone that you had always wanted.

Laser Hair Removal

Good Skin Specialist in Bangalore

With our laser hair removal procedure, you can bid farewell to unwanted hair forever. Over the course of a few sessions, you will notice that you no longer have to invest time in shaving, waxing or using hair removal creams, because no matter which part of the body it is, laser hair removal can clean it!

Pigmentation Treatment

Best Skin Care Clinic in Bangalore

Whether its sun spots or freckles, age spots or proper hyperpigmentation, at AK Clinics, we have a solution for all such blemishes and spots that might be marring your skin. With our modern and revolutionary pigmentation treatments, you can be sure that you will have skin that is truly clean and clear. With our laser pigmentation treatments, you should be able to see clearer skin within 2 to 3 sessions.

Acne & Scar Treatment

Dermatologist in Indiranagar Bangalore

Acne is something that has troubled almost every human being, at some point or the other, but when acne starts to trouble you into your adult years and refuses to let go, it is time to head to the experts at AK Clinics Bangalore. We offer a range of acne and acne scar treatments, which will help reduce and remove acne as well as the scars that accompany it. Our treatments include chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser resurfacing.