There are several metaphors and adjectives that are often used to describe the city of Mumbai – financial capital, the heart of Indian cinema, fast paced, buzzing, beaches, shopping and so much more. There is no doubt that Mumbai is a city that is constantly on the move, but the fact is also that this is a city where people are extremely conscious about how they look. Innumerable people flock to this city, each year, with the dream of making it big and in such scenarios, standing out becomes crucial.

So imagine a situation where you are starting to lose hair or are noticing bald patches on your head. Or think of a situation, where you are trying desperately to grow a beard, but things are just not working out in your favour. At such a time, AK Clinics will surely come to your rescue, because for years, we have built our credibility in restoring and transplanting hair in a manner that it will look natural and last close to a lifetime.

Why AK Clinics

If you are in Mumbai and are looking for a place where you can get your hair brought back to life and lustre, then you should certainly consider us. Here are a few other reasons why we can assure you a great experience:

Natural looking hair

Our hair transplant techniques have been created to provide extremely natural results. This means that once your hair has grown in, you can get any hair style that you want, including getting them short cropped or layered, coloured or even straightened or curled. In addition, you can swim, play or dance the night away, without worrying about your hair.

Educated team

Our team of doctors will examine you in detail, because in order to offer you the best solution, we need to gauge the extent of your hair loss first. We will take the time to explain the entire procedure to you in detail, because we want you to have no doubts or queries in your mind. Depending on the extent of your hair loss, we will suggest either laser hair therapy, which is ideal for the basic hair thinning, or if the loss is too extensive, a proper transplant process.

High Graft Yield

Our Follicular Transection Rate is below 5% in FUE, which is an enviable number. This means that we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure the health of the follicles and our harvesting is done only from the demarcated permanent zones. We also strive to ensure that the grafts spend minimal time outside the body, ensuring better health of each hair.


Pain-free procedure

We understand that pain is a cause for concern for a lot of people, which is why we have developed advanced methods of anaesthesia and sedation. This will allow you to complete the entire procedure, without feeling much pain or discomfort. Most of the times, our patients are able to sit and read or watch a movie, while getting their hair transplanted.

Immaculate hygiene

We put the highest emphasis on hygiene and while our team adheres to the strictest rules of hygiene, the clinic is regularly disinfected and sanitised.

Some of the services that you can avail of at our clinics include:


This is a procedure that has been developed in-house at AK Clinics, and in this procedure we create a serum which is produced using a person’s own platelet cells. The serum is then injected back into the scalp, as this will allow for enhanced hair growth.

Body Hair Transplant

– From heads to beards, eyebrows to eyelashes, we can recreate any hair related part of your body, that you want. We will utilise hair that has been taken from your own body, and with that, we will help you create lusher looking beards, eyebrows and even sideburns.

Giga Session

When the hair loss is truly extensive, the recipient site that needs to be covered is much larger. With our giga-sessions, our team can successfully complete 5000 to 6000 grafts, in just one sitting!

FUT hair Transplant

FUT differs from FUE only in the method by which the hair is extracted. A small section of the scalp will be removed, the grafts will be harvested and the site from where the section had been removed will be sutured back. This method is now used only when there are really large areas to be covered.

Download free complete hair transplant information

Click below to download a complete hair transplant guide. This contains the results one should expect along with FAQS about hair transplant

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