Kolkata is home to some of the biggest names in the world of literature; it is also home to some of the most delectable sweets in the world. This is where some of the most talented sportspersons in the world have grown and trained. The by-lanes of Kolkata still resonate of Rabindra sangeet and the pungent fragrance of fish frying in mustard oil. There is so much that Kolkata has to offer to someone who is coming to the city for the first time. This is one of the few cities in the world, which still has a fully functional tram; bakeries and sweetshops that have been around since colonial times and innumerable museums and art galleries.

Then there is also the more modern and metropolitan side to the city, where there are nightclubs, pubs and glitzy discos. There are also the people who go to all these places and their need to constantly look good. So imagine the situation of such people, when they notice more hair in their comb or on their towel, as opposed to their head.

Why AK Clinics

In case you are looking for any one of these services, here are just a few reasons why you should consider us:

Completely natural look

The reason why we have so many loyal clients, is because our hair transplant techniques are tried and tested. We can assure you of completely natural results, simply because the hair will be harvested from our own body. Once your hair has grown out, you can cut them, colour them or even straighten them!

Educated team

We understand that you will have several questions and queries, and our team will be more than willing to provide answers to the same. We will assist you in making an informed and educated decision. Our team of doctors will also examine you in detail to assess the extent of your hair loss, which will allow them to offer you the most suitable course of treatment.

High Graft Yield

We are in one of the few clinics in the country who can boast of a Follicular Transection Rate that is below 5% in FUE. This has been possible, because we go to great lengths to ensure that the health of the follicles is given utmost priority. In addition, we also harvest only from the permanent zones and try to keep the grafts out of the body, for the minimal amount of time.


Pain-free procedure

We are aware that many people are scared of the pain that is associated with a transplant procedure. So, we have developed advanced methods of anaesthesia and sedation, which ensure minimal pain to the patient. We actually encourage our patients to read, talk to us or even watch a movie while the procedure is going on.

Perfect hygiene

For us, hygiene is of greatest importance, which is why our team adheres to the strictest rules of the same. In addition to the staff following codes of hygiene, the entire clinic is disinfected and sanitised regularly and all the equipment is sterilised before and after each procedure.

At such a time, these people will simply walk into AK Clinics, where we will offer them a range of hair transplant services, including:


Yet another procedure that has been developed in-house by our team, this is a method that allows us to create a serum, which will be produced using your own platelet cells. This serum will then be injected back into the scalp, and the serum will accelerate the growth of hair in a natural manner.

Body Hair Transplant

Our expertise is not only in restoring hair on the head – we can also help recreate other hair based features, such as beards, moustaches, eyebrows, eyelashes and sideburns. We will harvest hair from your body and recreate these features, so that the newly created features match the hair on the rest of your body.

Giga Session

In innumerable situations, the hair loss is quite extensive, and the recipient area is also quite large. In such situations, our solution would be our giga sessions, wherein we can successfully complete 5000 to 6000 grafts, in just one sitting!

FUT hair Transplant

FUT was one of the original methods of hair transplant and is still used globally. In this process, a small section of the scalp will be removed from the donor area, and the grafts will be carefully harvested. Once the grafts have been harvested, they will be transplanted into the recipient site, and the section from where the scalp had been removed, will be sutured back carefully.

Download free complete hair transplant information

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