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Hair loss is a common problem, and losing a few hair every day is normal, but when you start to see hair everywhere, things might be getting a little out of hand and it might be time to take some serious measures. Because hair loss is a medical condition, you would most certainly need the best hair fall treatment clinic in Hyderabad. There are several criterion to choosing the best clinic for hair related treatments in any city – you need to make sure that they have a stellar reputation, they offer you all the latest treatments and therapies, have a team of doctors and staff members who are all trained and experienced and of course have a clinic that is modern and state of the art.

In the city of Hyderabad, while you could go around looking for such a clinic, the easier way out would be to head directly to AK Clinics. In the past several years, AK Clinics has emerged as one of the leaders in the field of hair fall treatment and has returned hair to several people all over the country. Now, the same team of experts has opened its doors to patients in Hyderabad and is bringing more than just hope to the people of this charming city.

To treat any condition, it is important to understand the reasons behind the problem – similarly, before offering any hair loss treatment in Hyderabad, it is important to understand the root cause of the hair loss first. There are several contributing factors for hair loss and some of the main ones include:

  • Genetics – If there is hair loss in your family, chances are that you will have to face hair loss too. Studies have shown that genetics have a strong role to play in hair loss and if you have a history of hair loss, then chances are that you could inherit the same too.
  • Lifestyle – For people who use too many chemicals on their hair, constantly use heat based tools or have hairstyles that are too tight, hair loss might be a lot more than others. In addition, if your diet does not have sufficient fresh fruits and vegetables or you do not keep yourself hydrated, you could be inviting trouble.
  • Medical conditions – In case you have any medical conditions, such as hyperthyroidism or cancer could lead to hair loss. However, in such cases, with the proper treatment, the hair loss should reduce and there is also the possibility of hair re-growing.
  • Traumatic incidents – In certain cases, if a person has undergone a traumatic experience, such as an accident or even mental trauma, such as the loss of a dear one, there could be sudden and massive hair loss.

Hair fall solutions will be dependent on what is causing your hair loss and in order to understand your hair loss, it is important to see the symptoms first. The symptoms of hair loss present differently for different people, however, there are certain common symptoms that will be visible for almost anyone suffering from serious hair loss:

  • Although a few hair in your comb is considered normal, if you are noticing hair coming out in clumps, then you know that there is something wrong.
  • Similarly, if you are noticing a lot more hair on your brush, towel, pillow or bathroom floor, then it could be something amiss.
  • For men, bald spots will start appearing either on the crown of the head or you might noticing a very prominent thinning around the temples.
  • For women, hair loss is seen more in the format of thinning – this means that you might be seeing your scalp a little more than you might want.
  • Certain people might also notice scaling along with the hair loss.

When you step into AK Clinics, you will get to meet the best dermatologist in Hyderabad for hair loss and once they have examined your hair, they will be able to better judge the type of hair loss that you are suffering from. With this knowledge in hand, they will be able to better choose the right path of treatment for you. The main types of hair losses include:

  • Androgenetic alopecia – This is the most common type of hair loss and is a type of hair loss that affects men as well as women. In this type of hair loss, you will notice a gradual thinning and then the appearance of bald spots.
  • Telogen Effluvium – Each hair on our head follows a three step cycle – growth, transition and rest phase. When a large number of hair enter the resting phase at once, but do not move onto the next phase, there is a situation of hair loss.
  • Anagen Effluvium – This is the type of hair loss that results due to medical treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation. However, in most cases, once the treatment is over, the hair tends to grow back.
  • Alopecia Areata – An autoimmune condition that leads to the loss of all body hair, in this condition, it is the healthy tissues that are affected.
  • Cicatricial Alopecia – Also known as scarring alopecia, this is a rare condition, in which there is an inflammation that leads to the destruction of the hair follicles. Not only do the hair fall out, there is scarring in the place, not allowing any new hair to grow instead.
  • Involutional alopecia – This is the natural condition in which your hair will start to thin out because of age.
  • Traction Alopecia – When you tie your hair too tight, in braids or ponytails, you are pulling the hair away from the scalp, leading to breakage. However, this a problem that can be solved by simply changing the hair style.
  • Trichotillomania – This is a condition in which people have a tendency to pull their own hair out. Yet again, this is a situation that can be avoided or changed by simply stopping the habit.
  • Fungal or other types of infections – And then there are certain types of infections, such as tinea capitis, which could also lead to hair loss.

PRP Hair Treatment in Hyderabad for Hair Loss

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is a procedure that is fast gaining popularity all over the world, not only for its efficacy, but also for the fact that it is an extremely safe and quick thinning hair treatment. From the time the procedure was first introduced, innumerable people have tried the method and seen results that are way beyond satisfactory. People have not only seen a decrease in hair loss, but also an increase in new hair growth.

The process of PRP is basically very simple – a small vial of blood is extracted from your body and the blood is then placed inside a high power centrifuge. The spinning action of the centrifuge leads to the separation of the platelets from the blood. These platelets are then treated with a hair strengthening medication, turning into an extremely powerful serum. This ‘serum’ is then injected back into the scalp and almost immediately, it starts working on the cells within the scalp and the hair follicles are rejuvenated, leading to better hair growth in a matter of weeks.

Benefits of PRP Treatment in Hair Loss

When you opt for PRP hair treatment in Hyderabad, make sure that you get it done from AK Clinics, because we are the leaders in the same. Our procedure is done by experienced doctors and under strict control, which leads to incredible results. Here are some of the major benefits of getting PRP treatment at AK Clinics:

  • The process is actually simple, quick and almost pain free, but offers wonderful results
  • The entire procedure will not take more than a few hours and there is literally no downtime
  • Because the blood from your own body is used, there is little to no chances of any infections or allergies
  • The platelets are already the healing element of the body, but when combined with a nutritive serum, it becomes extremely potent and works like magic
  • The enhanced solution is injected directly into the scalp, working as an effectively wonderful hair regrowth treatment

Other Hair Loss Treatment Available At AK Clinics, Hyderabad

When you start losing hair, the first thought that crosses your mind is how to prevent hair fall and while there are several home remedies that you can try out, most of them might not be able to give you the kind of drastic results that you might be looking for. If you want results that are prominent and efficient, you need to come to the best hair doctor in Hyderabad, and that you will find only in AK Clinics.

Once our team of doctors have carefully examined your scalp, hair and hair condition, they will be able to give you a proper diagnosis of what it is that is causing your hair loss. With this information in hand, they will be able to suggest the right course of action for you as well as the right type of hair treatment in Hyderabad.

SMP – Scalp micropigmentation is fast catching on because it is a safe and effective to create the illusion of a fuller head of hair. An ink that is an exact match to your natural hair colour is used to create small dot like tattoos on your scalp and this creates a look of a lot more hair on your head.

Laser – Laser therapy for hair loss is becoming extremely popular mainly because of the results it is showing. By using a laser comb or similar laser based device, the energy of the laser is directed at your scalp. Because laser can penetrate several layers of the skin, it is able to work directly on the cells and rejuvenate them, allowing better hair growth.

Mesotherapy – A procedure similar to PRP, here too a potent cocktail is created using vitamins, minerals, amino and nucleic acids and co-enzymes, but there is no blood involved. This medical cocktail is injected using microinjections into the scalp and leads to incredible results.


Hair loss could be caused due to several reasons, ranging from genetics to bad hair habits. What you eat and how much water you drink will decide how healthy your hair is from within. Using too many chemicals or heat based tools regularly will lead to weak hair, which in turn will cause hair loss. Hair loss prevention mainly starts with understanding what is causing it and then correcting the same.

Medical science has progressed so much that now it has actually become possible to gain hair back that you might have lost. There are therapies and procedures that allow for hair to grow back and you can also enjoy a fuller head of hair, especially when your hair is starting to thin out.

No. As a matter of fact, not all people losing hair are ideal candidates for a transplant. If your hair loss has just started, there are several non-invasive procedures that you can try for improved hair growth such as PRP, mesotherapy and laser.

Laser is actually a good option for people who have just started losing hair – this painless procedure can offer really good results, when done properly and with the right number of sessions.

PRP utilizes blood from your own body, which is then made a lot more potent with the infusion of growth proteins. This serum, when injected into the scalp, is able to revitalize and rejuvenate cells from within, leading to better hair growth.

Not really – most therapies and procedures are designed to work the same way for men and women. Female hair loss treatment does not vary much from methods used for male hair loss treatment, but only an experienced surgeon will be able to suggest the best treatment.

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