Hair Transplant with EMI Option

Hair Transplant on EMI

Hair Transplant with EMI Option

There are several people who are facing severe hair loss and recognise the fact that they might need a hair transplant surgery immediately. They head to a good hair transplant surgeon and after examination,they are informed about how many grafts will be required and the subsequent cost. When you find out about how much the process will cost, you realise that it will eat into your savings or that you will not be able to afford it at all.

If you come to AK Clinics, we will ensure that you are not left disappointed with anything – either the services or the final results. In addition, we will also arrange for the money that you will require for the procedure. This has become possible because our tie-up with Bajaj Finance!

When you come to AK Clinics’s Delhi, Ludhiana and Bangalore center and are looking for a financial arrangement, which will allow you to get the hair transplant done immediately, but pay on a monthly instalment basis, it will become possible. With Bajaj Finance as our financial partners, we can ensure an EMI plan for you and depending on how much you will be able to afford on a monthly basis, you can decide the duration of the same.

We welcome you to visit AK Clinics, where our experienced doctors will give you a proper examination, post which you will know how many grafts will be required and how much it will eventually cost you. Once you have the final number in hand, you will be able to spend time with a representative from Bajaj Finance, who will explain the entire payment plan to you, after taking into consideration your financial condition.

What is perhaps the greatest benefit of opting for a loan through Bajaj Finance is the fact that all loans are offered at 0% interest, making them all the more affordable!

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