FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi

When you are considering a hair transplant in Delhi, there is bound to be some amount of confusion – first you will need to decide which particular clinic you should go to and then you need to decide which procedure to opt for. Your first decision is the most important, because if you make that one wisely, everything else will fall into place.

Walk into AK Clinics and here you will find some of the world renowned hair transplant experts, who will not only gauge your hair loss with precision, but also help you make the right choice of procedure. And in case you are being suggested a FUE hair transplant in Delhi, then there is no place better than AK Clinics, because our team of surgeons and technical staff have not only completed innumerable procedures, but have also maintained a steady and high success rate of FUE hair transplant.

What is FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a process in which, the surgeon will use a micro-punch device that allows them to take out individual hair follicle unit. This will be done from the pre-marked donor area and the punch makes a superficial incision around the follicular unit. An experienced surgeon will be able to control the depth of each incision, allowing them to loosen the follicles just enough to remove them. One of the main reasons that FUE has shown immense success is because this process guarantees great graft quality, since each graft is extracted under proper magnification.

When you are looking to get a hair treatment in Delhi that gives you your hair back, without leaving any obvious scars, you will want to consider FUE. Not only is the time investment on the lesser side as compared to FUT, the healing time is also less.

You should also consider that there are different types of FUE procedures and you should talk to a seasoned surgeon, before finalizing which one is best suited for you. The main ones include the following and each has its own set of pros and cons:

  • Micro-FUE
  • U-FUE
  • Bio-FUE
  • Robotic FUE

Eligibility criteria for FUE Hair Transplant

Although the FUE hair transplant surgery might sound like a dream procedure, there are criteria that need to be met before you can get the same done.

  • Perhaps the best candidates for an FUE procedureare those who are experiencing immense hair loss on the top part of their head or are more troubled by the receding hairline near the temples.
  • It is also important that the candidate have really thick and good quality hair at the back of their head, ensuring a proper donor area and better density.
  • Hair loss should have ideally stabilised and while age is not a real factor, most people tend to wait till they enter their 30s before committing to this procedure.

Benefits of FUE Hair Transplant

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of talk regarding why more and more people are opting for FUE – the simple answer is that there are genuine benefits of FUE hair transplant and some of the main ones include:

  • Not only is this a minimally invasive technique, it is virtually painless – you will actually be only under local anaesthesia and awake the entire time
  • Because there are no stitches or linear scars, the results will be natural and undetectable and yes, the results are permanent
  • The process ensures high quality graft extraction and only the best grafts are picked
  • Maximum density is possible per session as is dense packing of follicle to ensure that you have a head full of hair
  • There is absolutely no damage to pre-existing hair and the new hair can be customised according to your particular choice
  • The recovery is extremely fast and the donor as well as recipient areas tend to heal really quickly
  • This procedure entails minimal trauma, rare infections and minimal post-operative complications, especially if proper care is taken
  • Grafts can be extracted from anywhere including beard, arms, legs and chest and this process allows for body hair implantation too – this means FUE can be used to reconstruct small cosmetic areas like beard, eyebrows and eyelashes

FUE Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi

If any clinic, anywhere in the world, gives you a flat rate for your transplant, you might want to consider doing an about turn, right then and there. At AK Clinics the cost of FUE hair transplant in Delhi will be decided based on a range of factors, including:

  • How extensive is the recipient area – the larger the area, the more it might cost you
  • How rich is the donor area – if the extraction can be done from a localized region, it could reduce the final amount
  • How many grafts are finally extracted and implanted
  • If there are any other situations, such as medical conditions that need to be considered
  • If this is a revision procedure and corrections or addition of grafts are needed
Number of Grafts Cost on Lower Side Cost on Higher Side
800-1000 grafts INR 45,000 INR 1,00,000
1000 – 2000 grafts INR 75,000 INR 2,00,000
2000 – 3000 grafts INR 125,000 INR 350,500
3000 – 4000 grafts INR 1,75,000 INR 4,50,000
* The above mentioned price is only for reference, every patient is given a custom quote depending on the choice of surgeon, location and technique. There is Service Tax/GST applicable on the cosmetic surgeries in India.

Steps During FUE Transplant

As is the case with any hair transplant procedure, the steps of the FUE hair transplant procedure need to be charted out properly and with care, to ascertain success. These are the main steps:

  • The donor and recipient areas will be marked out clearly
  • The hairline will be designed and with the use of a marker, the same will be demarcated
  • Local anesthesia is administered
  • Each graft is extracted individually under magnification using a 0.6 - 0.9mm punch
  • While the extraction is going on, another technician will study them under magnification – each of these are separated according to the total number of hairs per graft
  • If any transected grafts are found, they are discarded and new grafts are extracted to replace them
  • Total number of grafts are counted at every step as this helps reduce wastage
  • Since the donor site will already have been demarcated, the slits will be made and pockets will be created
  • Within these pockets, the prepared grafts will be placed and the procedure will be completed

In case you are considering our trademarked Bio FUE hair transplant, a process that was created in house and has been giving incredible results, there will be additional steps, wherein, blood from your body will be taken and a procedure similar to PRP will be done.

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Post-procedure care after FUE Hair Transplant

Given that FUE is an extremely sophisticated procedure, the invasiveness of the same is minimal. You are given only a local anesthetic, which means that you are awake during the procedure. Because only micro-punches are used, the post-surgical trauma is also minimal and when the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi does your procedure, you can be sure that there will be no or minimal side effects.

The general post operative instructions are similar to those given after any hair transplant:

  • You will be asked to keep your head elevated for a few days, in addition to when sleeping
  • The bandage will be removed in 3 days, but you will be asked to be gentle with your new grafts
  • You will be told when you can wash your head and how to go about it, which should be in about a week
  • Heavy exercise, alcohol consumption and smoking will have to be avoided for a few days
  • You will have to adhere to any medication you are advised to take

Your recovery with FUE hair transplant should be easy enough and in about 10 days, your scalp should start to look normal.

Risks/ Complications associated with FUE Hair Transplant

The easiest way to know that you have had access to thebest FUE hair transplant in Delhi is the lack of any complications or side effects. However, in the worst case scenarios, some of the side effects and complications could include:

  • Temporary or minor complications can include pain, numbness, itching and swelling on the forehead, ooozing from the graft sites or infection – all these should reduce on their own or with some basic medication. There will also be some hair fall, but this shedding is not permanent should resolve in a matter of weeks.
  • Folliculitis and shock loss are also temporary and should resolve on their own, without any serious intervention
  • The more serious side effects include overharvesting and poor density, which could lead to a poor hairline.

FUE Hair Transplant Results at AK Clinics

Check out the latest fue hair transplant result of our valuable patients, delivered by experienced hair transplant surgeons in Delhi at AK Clinics.


AK Clinics is one of the best clinics in the country with incredible surgeons, state of the art machines and procedures that have been perfected over time to give you the best results.

Absolutely not. The process is done under local anaesthesia and you will actually be awake during the process. In case you are worried, you can ask for sedation too.

No – the procedure can be done for both men and women – an experienced surgeon should be able to give you a clear picture regarding the same.

PThat depends on the amount of hair loss you have or how much density you need; the number of sittings will also be dependent on the number of grafts that are being extracted.

No, but you will be asked to stop for a few weeks before and after the procedure.

Ideally not, but you should discuss with the surgeon, well before hand and discuss the medications you are on.

You will be given a list of precautions that you will need to take – these could vary from stopping or replacing certain medications and, avoiding drinking or smoking.

Of course, FUE is a suitable process for increasing density – you can talk to your surgeon for more clarification.

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