ULTRAcel Skin Lifting & Tightening Treatment

ULTRAcel- A revolutionary technique to reverse your signs of aging. It is an exciting new treatment that works by targeting the same layer that Plastic Surgeons lift and tighten during a surgical face lift. ULTRAcel is the latest skin uplifting device that offers non-surgical skin tightening and lifting of the skin along with addressing of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin glowing, smooth and spanking new. Doesn’t matter if you want to enhance or contour your facial features or you want to reverse your aging signs, ULTRAcel is the best option of skin tightening and enhancing. ULTRAcel for skin tightening have given clinically proven results.

AK Clinics is providing this revolutionary skin tightening treatment at their clinics at Delhi, Bangalore and Ludhiana. If you don’t want to undergo multiple skin tightening treatments at different time intervals, then ULTRAcel- a 3 in 1 skin lifting treatment is the best for you. The cost of ULTRAcel skin tightening treatment at AK Clinics is very affordable and will give you the proven and long lasting results for sure.

What is ULTRAcel Treatment?

ULTRAcel treatment is the recent and advanced non-surgical & non-invasive process for the skin lifting & tightening. ULTRAcel will haul up, tighten and tone your wobbly skin. With the use of handheld devices that transfers the grid radio frequency and ultrasound waves to the skin. These devices not only targets the outer epidermal layer, but also the deeper facial and neck soft tissue structures which allow the more face lifting along with neck tightening.

What areas can be treated with ULTRAcel?

ULTRAcel is a 3 step skin layer lifting which targets the skin tissues and with the help of body’s natural healing process, new cells or tissues are generated resulting in more collagen production and tighter or firm skin. The areas which can be treated with the ULTRAcel treatment are;

  • Mid face skin tightening and lifting
  • Eyes rejuvenation
  • Eye lift
  • Neck lift
  • Marionette (around lips)
  • Lower face skin tightening
  • Eye Brow lift
  • Chin
  • Decollete Skin Area
ULTRAcel skin tightening treatment

How ULTRAcel Works?

ULTRAcel is the advanced, non-invasive skin tightening treatment which requires no downtime. In ULTRAcel skin uplifting and tightening treatment, small and focused ultrasound waves penetrate through the epidermal layer to reduce the signs of aging through non-invasive lifting & tightening skin. ULTRAcel technology combines the 3 powerful & highly effective technologies in one process. With the use of radiofrequency with the ultrasound waves, ULTRAcel targets and transfers heat to the collagen in the deeper layers of skin. After this, stimulation of new collagen which helps to lift the skin resulting in firmer and tighter skin.

1st Step

  • Grid RF In the Upper dermis, radio frequency and high intensity focused ultrasound waves are emitted to 3.0/4.5 mm depth with fractional shape. It helps to stimulates the collagen production and smoothens the skin surface.
Grid RF

RF targets the area to be treated

Deep dermal layer of skin

It penetrates into the deep dermal layer of skin

collagen production

Increased collagen production

Smooth skin

Smooth skin surface

2nd Step

  • RF Micro-needling: RF Micro-needling is an avant-garde skin repairing technique. In RF micro-needling, small insulated micro-needles create tiny wounds by penetrating into the dermal layer of skin. When it is combined with RF, it enables the thermal energy to stimulate body’s natural healing mechanism which enhances the collagen production.
RF Micro-needling

Delivers heat energy through the needles in the dermis

Collagen production

Collagen production is stimulated through the natural healing process

smooth & wrinkle free skin

Enhanced collagen results in smooth & wrinkle free skin

3rd Step:

  • HIFU/FUS: HIFU targets the deep SMAS layer (Superficial muscular aponeurotic system) of face. In HIFU, the high intensity of ultrasound is emitted to the deep structural layers such as fascia, SMAS fat layer, dermis boundary layer of subcutaneous which causes thermal wounds, prompting the body to launch its natural healing process. Skin begin to produce more collagen, which lifts, tightens and contours the skin resulting in wrinkle free skin.

HIFU targets the deep fat layer of skin and imparts thermal energy

collagen production

After 1 month, collagen production start increasing through wound healing process

more collagen production

After 3 month, more collagen production

tight and uplifted skin

Smooth, tight and uplifted skin

Why ULTRAcel treatment for skin tightening?

ULTRAcel skin tightening process is done with the world’s hi-tech or advanced face lifting machine and it is the non-surgical face lift machine. ULTRAcel increases the density of collagen by producing more collagen peptides & elastin in the dermis. This technique is so far advanced from the only laser skin tightening. This ULTRAcel skin tightening treatment is the best for non-surgical neck tightening or non-surgical neck lift, chin lift without surgery, jaw line lift and non-surgical eyebrow lift.

  • High power transducers in ULTRAcel helps to create a coagulation zone which is required of an ample size for desired in-depth.
  • With its powerful frequency, it helps to create a coagulation zone over the temperature of 60ºC in the dermal layer.
  • With the help of mimicking phantoms, cartridges of ULTRAcel machine is tested to ensure better & high-quality results.
  • The handheld devices of this skin uplifting machine are designed vertically to provide a clear vision & easy handling during the treatment.

How is ULTRAcel skin uplifting procedure different from other skin tightening procedures?

ULTRAcel is 3 in one technique for the skin tightening & uplifting. It uses the three different technologies which are;

  • Grid Fractional Radiofrequency (GFR)
  • High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU/FUS)
  • Fractional Radiofrequency Micro-needling (FRM), also known as INTRAcel

Among the above-given procedures for skin tightening, GFR & FUS are performed in one session while FRM is performed in one single session.


  • With dermal micro-needling technique along with fractional radio frequency, there is enhanced collagen & elastin production.
  • You may feel heat or pricking sensation and skin will turn into red which will be normal within 2-3 days.


  • With the help of thermal heat energy, there is simulation in the collagen production to tighten the skin.
  • You may feel the a stinging sensation and mild soreness which will resolve within 2-3 weeks
Benefits of Ultracel skin tightening procedures

What is the difference between ULTRAcel & INTRAcel?

  • ULTRAcel is also known as HIFU or FUS and provides a structural lift to the skin. ULTRAcel is a non-invasive method which uses ultrasound and radiofrequency energy in synergy to work at the deeper layer of the skin (the SMAS layer).
  • INTRAcel is also referred to as FRM. It works by resurfacing the skin’s surface and stimulates the collagen and elastin production. INTRAcel combines the Micro-needling with radiofrequency to target the heat energy below the surface of the skin.


As the treatment involves the use of high-frequency waves, then you must take your treatment from an expert and highly trained doctor. Then there will be less to no chances of any complications.

There are no serious side effects or complications. After the treatment, you may experience mild sun burnt sensation which will resolve itself within few days. Your skin may appear red for few hours. Swelling or bruising is minimal under the eyes which will resolve within 1-2 days.

Most probably you will feel your skin tighter or smoother after one treatment and this will continue for the next 6 months. However, it may vary with your skin texture, treated area or frequency used during your treatment.

No. The ULTRAcel is a non-invasive skin tightening treatment that treats the skin and the support layer below it, but it doesn’t entail cutting or disrupting the surface of the skin.

You must have a relaxed skin with mild to moderate amount of skin laxity. Apart from this, a lowered brow line or sagging skin on the eyelids, drooping jaw line, acne, acne scars, pimples or blemishes, stretch marks etc.

You will feel the mild tingling or heat sensation during your treatment. After your ULTRAcel treatment, your skin may appear red or even scabs may appear, but they will shed off on their own and redness fill fade away within 2-3 hours to 2-3 days. This can vary from person to person

There is no to minimal downtime for ULTRAcel skin tightening procedure.

After the treatment, you have to apply the sunscreen on your face for better healing. If you have a burning sensation, then you may apply aloe vera gel and cold compress on your face. However, after 24 hours, you can apply makeup too.

This is what that purely depends on your skin condition. The dermatologist will analyze your skin condition and area to be treated for skin uplifting. On the basis of that, the doctor will tell you about the number of sessions required.

The ULTRAcel is not a “facelift.” It is actually an uplift. While it is not a replacement for surgery, it is a viable option for those not ready for undergoing a surgery. You can enhance or contour your facial features also.

A full face-and-neck treatment takes approximately 30 mins -1 hour or depending upon the area to be treated.

Usually there is no need of anesthesia for the ULTRAcel treatment. But you if you are sensitive to pain, then you can ask the dermatologist for anesthesia application. A topical or injectable anesthesia can be applied prior to the treatment in that case.

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