Dr Kapil Dua & Dr Aman Dua both attended recently 2nd Mediterranean FUE Workshop held in Madrid, Spain. The workshop was hosted by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery together with Dr. José Lorenzo and Dr. Alex Ginzburg. This 3-day workshop focused on the specialized donor harvesting technique of follicular unit extraction (FUE). Nine live surgical procedures were offered along with implantation with the implanter pen technique. Several FUE techniques, methodologies and instruments were discussed including both manual and motorized FUE.


Some of the key areas that were discussed included:

• FUE Anatomy

• FUE Surgical Technique

• FUE Complications and Disadvantages

• Donor Site in FUE Technique

• Implantation with Implanter Pen


Both doctors were joined by Mr Aman Bansal, CEO-AK Clinics to observe international standards of patient handling. All of them got opportunity to evaluate hygiene & sterilization standards and were amazed to find no better than what is followed at AK Clinics.

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