Health is the vital factor supporting hair wellbeing. The living part of hair, the hair root lies beneath the scalp skin. It derives its nutrients from the blood. However, if it is hampered by reduced intake of important nutrients as a result of crash diet or due to nutrient deficiency then they tend to develop dry, stringy and dull hair with a heavy hair fall. Fortunately, it can be restored once the deficiency is addressed and the content of nutrients is raised in the diet. Apart from this, health concerns such as stress, trauma, and smoking also affect the hair adversely.

There are three critical nutrients which contains in various foods, as they are essential for healthy hair and plays important role to the growth of hair longer and faster i.e. protein, zinc and biotin. The roles of the above mentioned components is discussed below:

Diet and food for hair growth


 Hair is essentially made up of protein. These are the building blocks of hair. So diet rich in protein is to be taken to promote hair growth. Eggs, fish , chicken should be consumed in plenty . Vegetarians can opt for soya, sprouts, dals and dairy protein.


This mineral promotes cell reproduction, as well as tissue growth and repair. It is also important for the maintenance of oil-secreting glands attached to the hair follicle. Zinc deficiency can lead to hair loss. Zinc can be consumed by eating eggs, meat, legumes, nuts, whole grain and seeds. Too much intake of zinc can lead to hair loss; therefore it is advisable to get enough zinc from food rather than consuming supplements.


 Is a part of vitamin B complex, another nutrient associated with and is meant for proper metabolism of protein, fat and carbs. Over time, although rare, a biotin deficiency results in skin rashes and hair loss. As per the study conducted by the Harvard University, biotinis one of the most important nutrients for preserving hair strength, texture andfunction.People that consume adequate amount of protein should not have a biotin deficiency, though vegetarians may be at a risk. Good food sources of biotin are eggs, liver and soy.

The recommendation listed above can help you analyse the significance of nutrition in an everyday life and how its incorporation in a daily diet can help you have healthy tresses and stunning look.

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There are several things that add to the confidence of a person, and while clothes and the ability to speak well are some of them, a great head of hair is certainly high on the list. However, with the lifestyles we all have these days, hair fall has become an issue for many; but there are methods of having healthy hair, and that too, quite easily.

Hair is basically made of keratin and keratin associated proteins. The proteins in our body are made of around 20 aminoacids, out of which 9 are essential aminoacids that need to be obtained through diet. Certain aminoacids like cysteine, methionine, lysine and arginine are more important for hair, forming the major constituents of hair keratin. So a well-balanced diet containing adequate amounts of protein are a must for healthy hair.

Hair grows in cycles: Anagen or growing phase, catagen or shedding phase and telogen or resting phase. Inadequate proteins in the diet can lead to more hairs in the resting telogen phase and thus increased fall. Dietary deficiencies are commonly encountered in people with hair fall.

Another major reason for hair fall is the so-called crash diets and intensive workouts. Shedding the extra-kilos are good but not at the expense of our skin and hair. It is important to eat the right kind of food that provides all the essential nutrients especially proteins to have healthy hair and skin. While dieting, one should reduce carbs and fats but should not compromise on proteins. A lot of foodstuffs are available which have good amounts of proteins but are low on carbs and fats. Similarly if doing work outs, we should take higher quantities of proteins to meet the daily requirements. US FDA recommends a daily intake of 0.9-1gram/kg body weight for a normal adult. Additional 15-20 grams are needed during pregnancy and lactation.

Thus one of the easiest and natural way to have healthy hair is by eating right!! This makes it imperative to understand the protein content and quality of proteins in various food sources. Eggs, fish, lean meat, milk, yoghurt, paneer, beans, lentils, soya, nuts are some of the good sources of protein. Non-vegetarian sources like eggs, fish provide more complete proteins having all the essential aminoacids than vegetarian foods, which have lower quality proteins. But if you eat the right quantity and include multiple sources rather than relying on a single source, even vegan foods can provide the required quality proteins. The following table gives an idea about the protein quantities present in various food items.

table 1

Not only is the right amount of proteins helpful, but the aminoacid constituents also are important. The table below shows the various food items rich in the respective aminoacid.

table 2

In cases where the dietary requirements are not adequate or if the demand is more like in those who workout, protein supplements can be taken. Various brands are available in the market offering different types of supplements, of which whey protein, casein are the more popular ones. However while taking these supplements, you should always take the help of a professional trainer or a medical practioner so that you don’t get carried away. Too much protein is harmful and can affect your heart and kidneys.

There are also different kinds of protein treatment available for hair. It provides strength and resilience to damaged hair. This hardens the cuticle and forms a barrier around the hair follicle, thus preventing further damage. The type and severity of damage to the hair determines what method to be used. The four types are :

Protein packs

Light protein treatments


Deep penetrating treatments : for moderately damaged hair

Re constructors : for severely damaged hair

Protein packs and  Light protein treatments both are suitable for slight damage and routine treatments. Always consult an expert before taking these treatments as to what suits you best!!!

One can also try some of the common homemade protein remedies like egg mask with egg white or full egg and a little lime juice, egg plus yoghurt mask and coconut oil plus olive oil mask

Though proteins are definitely important, a well balanced lifestyle with adequate sleep, balanced diet proper exercise and stress management all play a significant role in having great thick hair, beautiful skin and effectively a healthy life. If the hair loss is too severe, there is always the option of transplant and you can be sure of having long and healthy hair for a long time!

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Know it all about the mood-swings of your hair!!
The complete Hair Cycle

Hair Growth CycleHair is the most hard-working part of your skin. They are highly exposed to sun, sweat, pollution, and chemicals that come from shampoos, conditioners, perms, colors and yet they continue to grow throughout the life.

Hair is genetically predisposed to follow a particular growth pattern i.e. grow, rest, fall and so on. This phenomenon is essentially an extraordinary one as in a lifetime; a hair follicle goes through the hair cycle 10 to 20 times, with each cycle comprising certain embryological changes.

The hair growth cycle is composed of three different stages: Anagen (growth) phase, Catagen (involution) phase, and Telogen (resting) phase. There is also a shedding phase, Exogen, which is a sub-phase of Telogen, during which the hair falls out. Anagen lasts from three to six years, catagen phase two to three weeks, and telogen phase three to four months. Normally at any one time, up to 80-90% of the hair is in Anagenphase, 10-14% inTelogen and only 1-2% % is in Catagen phase.

Let’s have a closer look at the hair cycle!
Anagen is the active growth phase of hair follicle. During this stage, protein and keratin are made. It is in this stage that the hair shaft is developed and expands to its natural length which primarily depends upon genetics. The reason being, dead cells of Keratin are pushed out through the scalp. An oily substance is produced by the sebaceous glands, which protects the hair and conditions them.  Generally, approximately 80-85% hair on a human head is in the anagen phase at any given time.

At the end of the anagen (growth) phase, the hair follicle receives an unknown signal to enter the catagen phase. This period lasts for two-three weeks. During this stage, the hair follicle shrinks, a part of it is destroyed and the dermal papilla breaks away, leading to the formation of club hair. Due to this, blood flow to the hair is ceased which hinders the supply of nourishment to the hair also.  Thereafter, the hair falls into Telogen phase.

In Telogen stage, hair doesn’t grow and dermal papilla is in resting period. Hair remains in follicle for about three months which gradually are followed by hair shedding. Primarily, hair fall occurs in this stage only. On an average 50-100 telogen hair fall is accounted as normal hair loss. If your hair is in Telogen phase then it’s likely that you may notice hair in your comb or in the shower.

By the end of this phase, new hair shaft grows from the same opening and a new hair cycle begins again with the descent of Anagen phase.

AK Clinics have conducted extensive research in this field. Often we hear patients saying ‘I have a very good diet & no stress; yet extensive hair fall’. A range of reasons can induce temporary or permanent hair loss that include stress, radiation, hormonal changes, skin diseases, nutritional deficiency, and chemotherapy. But one doesn’t need to worry anymore, at AK Clinics not only the doctors are highly qualified but they also use the most advanced & absolutely harmless way to medication consisting vital nutrients that help in controlling hair fall.

So, when the next time your hair put you in a momentary frenzy, you know it just a passing phase!! You Just need advice from doctors of AK Clinics!!

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Few days ago, I met one of my college friends over the lunch at a newly opened restaurant in the town. I noticed that this friend of mine who was known as a confident, cheerful and buoyant guy of our gang has been showing the signs of insecurity. Suddenly I saw something strange, he chopped of his hair and was hiding behind a cap. He revealed that in a moment of nostalgia, he shaved off his head for a charity cause to raise some funds.

I remember him having healthy and wavy hair. Yes! He had that kind of hair that would make anyone go green with envy. He shared his experience with me; we chatted for hours discussing “How does it feel like to shave the crown jewel of your head” and it made us realize the importance of hair in one’s life. Soon our conversation took the road to explore the effects of baldness in a person’s life. Having no hair or not much hair on your head can be a devastating experience not only for women but for men also or shall we say it is even more traumatic for men as they suffer from localized baldness whereas women suffer from diffusion baldness. It has been rightly said by James Brown that, ‘Hair is the first thing’ (that a man needs in his life, if he has got it), ‘He has got it all’. Baldness directly attacks one’s confidence level and self-esteem. Insults like “slaphead”, “baldie”, “chrome dome” are thrown at them. Gradually, it develops into depression which in turn affects both their personal & professional lives.

This is the reason why most bald men start alienating themselves from relationships, family, friends & professional growth. They dodge public gatherings and social meetings. Many try to hide their baldness by wearing caps, like my friend did. They even avoid wearing formal clothing. While some who are not completely bald get their remaining hair shaved also, in a desperate attempt to look for a solution. So what a person should do in this situation? Throughout the century, so many inventions have been made in hair restoration field that it seems nothing is impossible now. Both the surgical and non-surgical methods have been evolved. Non-surgical method includes medicines & therapies like Mesotherapy & Laser therapy that solve the purpose but they only give up to 30-40% results while surgical method includes hair transplant surgery which give permanent results.Hair transplant helps not only in improving a person’s appearance but also transforms their way of living life. It revives the lost confidence, self –esteem and enthusiasm. Hair transplant is the best & only permanent solution for baldness. Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that moves individual hair follicles from a part of the body called the ‘donor site’ to bald or balding part of the body known as the ‘recipient site’.

There has been a myth doing rounds that getting a hair transplant is very painful which is not true. Hair transplant is done under the impression of local anesthesia, which makes the procedure completely pain-free so much so that a patient can even enjoy the music, read magazines or watch T.V inside the O.T during the procedure. Not only this, the patient can also resume his/her daily activities from the very next day after the surgery. Due to technique advancements, it has also become a very safe method of hair restoration. Nowadays hair transplantation services are accessible everywhere, at varied prices. But a person should think twice before making a choice here, as people often get lured by tactics adopted by several inexperienced institutions, where a patient can get transplantation done at relatively low-cost but they compromise quality over cost. Transplantation done by a well-experienced doctor ensures quality results and at AK Clinics the maximum experience of doctors promises the best quality at cost-effective price. The reason of baldness can be many such as genetic baldness, accident, hormonal changes or it can be the reason for which my friend shaved his head. But one thing is assured, with such wide arena of treatments available one doesn’t need to suffer the trauma attached with baldness.

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