The Windy City, Chicago, played host to several renowned doctors and medical practitioners, who arrived in the city to participate in the prestigious Annual ISHRS Conference. ISHRS or International Society of Hair Restoration SDr Aman Dua attending conference at chicagourgery is a non-profit medical association, which now has its roots all over the world. Through its over 1200 members, the association aims at offering cutting edge solutions in the world of hair restoration and transplant. The association also aims at providing information and education to the new generation of doctors.

The conference, which was conducted between 9th and 13th September, aimed to bring together the greatest minds in the world of hair restoration and transplant. Some of the important topics at this year’s conference included biology of the hair, concomitant therapy, hair loss and restoration in women and the concerns that a young patient would have.

Drs. Kapil and Aman Dua were also participants at the ISHRS Conference and gave their invaluable contribution by sharing their knowledge as well as experience in fields. Dr. Kapil Dua, not only conducted two workshops, but was also a part of the esteemed panel, known as ‘Breakfast with Experts”. The first workshop that Dr. Dua was a part of, concentrated on Powered Blunt Punch System for FUE, where he provided a detailed insight on how powered and non-powered devices can be used to successfully. He took the time to describe the techniques and instruments used for FUE harvesting and also demonstrate the techniques of blunt punch dissection and Hex-punch with the SAFE system.

The next workshop Dr. Dua conducted was on beard reconstruction and harvesting, which was meant for advanced level participants. All aspects including treatment planning, anaesthesia, harvesting, designing of the recipient area, placement of grafts and postoperative care were discussed. Dr. Dua was also a part of the “Breakfast with the Experts” panel, wherein he spoke at length about FUE tool selection, offering important advice on how to pick the right tools and how to gain the best results from the same.Dr kapil Dua attending conference at chicago
Dr. Aman Dua was asked not only to preside as co-chair of the basic course, but also received a mention on the cover of the final program. In addition, her photograph has been featured in the final program listing. In the
“Coffee with Experts” session, Dr. Dua discussed the preparation for PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma. In her role as co-chair of the basic course, she was one of the main people responsible for handling the beginners level session.

The aim of the basic course was to educate younger or newer doctors in the foundations of hair transplantation. Participants got to learn about how to design the hairline, select the candidate, donor harvesting and graft preparation as well as placement. Dr. Dua herself conducted a hands-on learning session on her technique of FUE.

e1b3df3fbd1b44555c3523a6047543efDr. Aman Dua was also a participant in providing an introduction to FUE, concentrating on Sharp vs. Blunt, Automated vs. Manual. Along with Dr. Edward A.M. Ball, she aided students in understanding the basics of candidate selection, the different devices used for FUE and comprehend as well as solve the most common challenges that are thrown up during FUE.

About AK Clinics:
For the past several years, AK Clinics, under the able leadership of Drs. Kapil and Aman Dua, has been the pioneer in the field of hair transplant, hair restoration, facial hair restoration and a range of cosmetological services, such as laser hair removal, skin polishing and microdermabrasion. Today, the clinic offers services to clients in Delhi, Ludhiana and Bangalore.

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Dr Aman Dua from AK Clinics recently delivered a Seminar on “Evidence Based Treatment Update in Androgenetic Alopecia for Men”. The CME was held at Majestic Park Plaza in Ludhiana organized by Unichem Laboratories Ltd. The talk was attended by more than 20 dermatologists of Ludhiana.


Dr Aman Dua Attending seminar

Dr Aman Dua Attending seminar in ludhiana

Dr Aman Dua giving presentation


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San Francisco: It was a moment of pleasure & pride when Dr Kapil Dua from AK Clinics directed the workshop on ‘Ethnic Considerations in Hair Transplant’ at ISHRS conference at San Francisco.  Dr Aman Dua also made poster presentation in this conference.

International Society for Hair Restoration Surgeons is the parent organization that educates & develops Hair Restoration techniques around the world.  Every year this conference is held in Oct or Nov and is attended by hundreds of Hair Transplant surgeons from across the globe.  This is the most prestigious conference for Hair Transplant.

Dr Kapil Dua was also faculty for demonstration in a FUE workshop.  This workshop was a daylong workshop where he worked along with Dr James Harris.  He is an internationally prominent surgeon in the field of hair restoration surgery, and a published author of both medical and consumer publications.  He is a faculty member of the University of Colorado School of Medicine, where he teaches hair transplantation to resident physicians in training and community physicians.  He is also one of the pioneers for FUE hair transplant across the globe.

Dr Kapil Dua was also a panelist on Hairline design workshop.  He discussed many important factors to consider while designing a hairline.  These include gender, age, family history etc.  He also directed a workshop on Ethnic consideration in which he discussed hair transplant in various races ranging from African decent to Caucasians.  He discussed various challenges in the different races including the direction in which roots grow, density and physical properties of hair.

Dr Kapil Dua said that he was really feeling proud that the honesty & research-orientation is what is paying AK Clinics and fetching attention from doctors allover the world.  It is sheer our hard work & ethical conduct that made this possible.

He also said these days inexperienced & amateurs have started getting in the field and alluring patients with low, very low and further lower costs.  He said that he frequently hears from patients that they have been committed 5000-6000 grafts from scalp by FUE, which is absolutely not recommended for the patient.

Dr Aman Dua also discussed in a seminar on Hair Cloning. She raised the point that some doctors are claiming that it has been done.  But it came clear that some tests are going on mice and have shown some improvement.  So hair cloning is a far distant dream in humans. In fact the people who are advertising or misleading masses should be dealt strongly by Medical Council. 

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