We received an email from Hari, who wanted to know more about hair transplantation techniques, since he was considering one for himself.   

Here are important parts of the information that we shared with him:

Hello Hari,

Thank you for writing to us with your query and here is the information that you were looking for.

In the simplest of terms, a hair transplant is a process in which, small section of hair, along with the follicles are carefully removed from the head and then transplanted into areas which have excessive hair loss or balding. The areas from which the hair is extracted is known as the donor area – this area can be identified only by a professional. Normally, the donor areas are the back or the side of the head. The bald area where grafts are implanted is the recipient area.

There are various techniques for hair transplantation which include,

  • FUT (Follicular unit transplantation) Strip technique : Here, a strip of skin with hair follicles is taken from the donor area, which is then dissected into individual follicular units. This strip area is sutured and this leaves a scar at the donor site upon healing.
  • FUE (Follicular unit extraction) : In FUE, the grafts are taken individually using special instruments from the donor site. This is a suture free procedure.

The extracted grafts are implanted in the same manner in both the techniques. Another new technique is DHT or direct hair transplant, a modification of FUE, in which the grafts are implanted immediately after extraction without much delay. The results are found to be excellent with this novel technique.

The actual transplant procedure involves two main steps – harvesting and transplanting. In the first process, follicular units or grafts are extracted by strip or FUE technique. These grafts can vary from two to three strands of hair or more, depending on the density and viability. The next stage is the actual transplant process, where in, the grafts are carefully transplanted into the recipient areas. This is done by making small holes or slits on the recipient bald area and then implanting the grafts into these holes.

As doctors, we are extremely careful about both processes – not only do we ensure that there is no damage caused to the donor site, we also ascertain that the transplant looks natural. For this, we place each graft in the same direction as the natural growth of the hair.

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How does cold laser therapy work when it is just a beam of light that stimulates healing? The scientific reasoning behind this is the light is absorbed by a living tissue, and then triggers biological reactions in the cells.  When chemical substances are produced and endorphins released, there is less pain or inflammation and faster bone repair.  So though, laser therapy is primarily used by the medical fraternity, it is also used by dermatologists for their procedures.  Cold laser therapy is not painful because it does not burn the skin.  As its name suggests, its ‘cold,’ it does not generate perceivable heat. It is extremely popular because it provides immediate results and at times may take even 6-12 sessions for visible effects.

Scientific research studies on laser therapy.

These reports verify the clinical value of laser therapy. While 2500 scientific research studies verify the clinical value of laser therapy, there are many people who are not aware of its benefits and therefore don’t consider it as a ‘preferred form of treatment.’ In fact, cold laser therapy is better than adopting alternative modalities such as electrical simulation or ultrasound; because they do not work towards tissue healing in any way.  Laser therapy on the other hand causes tissue to strengthen.  it is also safe to use though in certain instances, it involves use of special filtering glasses.

At A K Clinics, in India, we specialize in various forms of hair transplant from DHT, FUE, FUT to Mesotherapy and laser therapy.  We have centers at Mumbai, Ludhiana, Delhi where trained medical professionals provide consultations and guidance to every patient, based on individual needs.  Visit www.akclinics.com to get a glimpse into the fascinating world of hair and skincare and how it can help you lead a new life; one filled with hope and confidence.

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Is FUE as good as surgeons make it out to be?  Or is it a marketing gimmick at the end of the day?  We continue from our previous blogpost..

A very serious drawback of the STRIP procedure is that if it goes wrong, the patient may also suffer from loo of scalp.

For most people suffering from baldness, FUE is the technique that transforms their bleak, incomplete life into a more meaningful one where rejection does not play a significant role or a stumbling block; whether it is career opportunities or relationships. A single strip of hair can provide 1800 to 4000 hair follicles without any damage to the roots, if done under expert medical supervision. All these forms of modern hair transplants provide natural results in a short time frame. Chemical hair loss treatments, on the other hand, takes months or years to show results. Also, being a versatile procedure, FUE can also be used for facial reconstruction.

However, people suffer from this misnotion that hair transplants provide a permanent solution, not realizing that it is more resistant to falling and retains its thickness over natural hair. This is infinitely better than suffering baldness silently for years, because of unavailability of treatment; like it was way back fifty years ago. Times have changed. Earlier, men dreaded losing hair and a thinning at the crown heralded the onset of baldness. Now, it does not ring alarm bells, as people realize that help is at hand.  Also, people have some sort of sentimental bonding with their hair, an emotional attachment. It is precisely why we value hair regrowth and would like to provide our customers with the alternative that suits them best.  For some patients FUE may be the best procedure, but for others it may be a combination of mesotherapy and DHT.

Experts in the field can ascertain which treatment will work best. For individualized consultations, visit akclinics.org or head to our centres at Mumbai, Ludhiana or Delhi and avail of the best medical advice for yourself.

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