AK Clinics, India signs a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Novaderm (novaderm.ro), Romania recently for providing Hair Transplant Services in Romania.

Dr Aman Dua, Managing Director, AK Clinics and Dr. Dimancea Andrei Teodor, Director, INNOVATIVE DERM SRL (NovaDerm), Signed the MoU.

The MoU will enable holding of surgical skill development and exchange programs for doctors of Novaderm both in India & Romania. This association would facilitate the doctors & assistants from Romania to learn from the highly skilled Hair Transplant Surgeons of AK Clinics. In fact that is reason why Novaderm chose AK Clinics; after very careful 360 Degree evaluation.Dr Andrei made a decision to contact AK Clinics for the purpose.Dr Andreion his first visit in Indiais here in India for 15 days to observe the methods used by AK Clinics. This is his first visit to India.

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Witnessing recent growth in the hair restoration industry around the globe, Dr Andrei hopes that this will especially create a niche service for medical tourism in Romania. In fact there are only very few individual doctors providing this service in the entire country. His confidence emanates from huge success of hair restoration in Istanbul, Turkey which is very near to Constanța, Romania. He shares that there are huge number of tourists that come to the city during the summers.

Dr. Dimancea and Dr Kapil


Mou Ak clinics with novaderm

Dr Kapil Dua, Chairman AK Clinics, said, “We’re extremely hopeful for the success of this MoU as this may open doors for international expansion of AK Clinics”. He added that our sheer hard work & perseverance are the only reasons that Indian Hair Transplant Surgeons are now being noticed internationally for their work. Dr Kapil Dua has also recently received research grant from ISHRS for research in the FUE Hair Transplant technique to promote better results.

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San Francisco: It was a moment of pleasure & pride when Dr Kapil Dua from AK Clinics directed the workshop on ‘Ethnic Considerations in Hair Transplant’ at ISHRS conference at San Francisco.  Dr Aman Dua also made poster presentation in this conference.

International Society for Hair Restoration Surgeons is the parent organization that educates & develops Hair Restoration techniques around the world.  Every year this conference is held in Oct or Nov and is attended by hundreds of Hair Transplant surgeons from across the globe.  This is the most prestigious conference for Hair Transplant.

Dr Kapil Dua was also faculty for demonstration in a FUE workshop.  This workshop was a daylong workshop where he worked along with Dr James Harris.  He is an internationally prominent surgeon in the field of hair restoration surgery, and a published author of both medical and consumer publications.  He is a faculty member of the University of Colorado School of Medicine, where he teaches hair transplantation to resident physicians in training and community physicians.  He is also one of the pioneers for FUE hair transplant across the globe.

Dr Kapil Dua was also a panelist on Hairline design workshop.  He discussed many important factors to consider while designing a hairline.  These include gender, age, family history etc.  He also directed a workshop on Ethnic consideration in which he discussed hair transplant in various races ranging from African decent to Caucasians.  He discussed various challenges in the different races including the direction in which roots grow, density and physical properties of hair.

Dr Kapil Dua said that he was really feeling proud that the honesty & research-orientation is what is paying AK Clinics and fetching attention from doctors allover the world.  It is sheer our hard work & ethical conduct that made this possible.

He also said these days inexperienced & amateurs have started getting in the field and alluring patients with low, very low and further lower costs.  He said that he frequently hears from patients that they have been committed 5000-6000 grafts from scalp by FUE, which is absolutely not recommended for the patient.

Dr Aman Dua also discussed in a seminar on Hair Cloning. She raised the point that some doctors are claiming that it has been done.  But it came clear that some tests are going on mice and have shown some improvement.  So hair cloning is a far distant dream in humans. In fact the people who are advertising or misleading masses should be dealt strongly by Medical Council. 

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A three year old in a simple cotton dress was making her way to the local grocery store, when a lady standing nearby noticed her beautiful shoulder-length hair, pinned on one side with a flower clip. A 30 year old IT professional despite a stressful routine sports a crop of healthy hair, while his not-so-young mother has given up on thinning her thinning hair.  Is it genes that make some people lucky to have silky, shiny tresses without even bothering to read whether their shampoo has shikakai or not? Or is it something else, a secret that doesn’t lie within but outside the individual like a protein-rich diet that promotes hair regrowth naturally? Well, to let you in on a not-so-secret secret: healthy hair stems from healthy hormones. Which is why you should go for iron, vitamins and even gelatin, with a vengeance. The glycin found in gelatin particularly helps you sleep well while the amino acids function in another super way – weight regulation.

However, a contrasting theory prescribes going lean on the meat! The safe alternative is to avoid hormonal imbalance by cutting down on your caffeine intake. Try substituting coffee with herbal tea when the craving hits and choose coconut oil over peanut, vegetable, soybean oil and ditch the margarine for olive oil. There’s also a healthier way to cook, like not reheating oil and using glassware or non-coated pots and pans. Exercise lightly and give your body, which of course includes the hair too, the building blocks it needs. For instance, incorporating cod liver oil, omega-3 fats and magnesium to smoothen out the googlies that can ruin your beauty sleep and give you worry wrinkles. Flax seeds, walnuts, avocados are what you should be munching along with a lavish dose of oats and sea vegetables. Another easy thing to do is to weed out tap water as the chlorine and fluorine in it prevent iodine absorption in our body.

So take the fun way out: eat healthy and optimize your sleep all in an effort to fix your master hormone – leptin. As for additional help, the experts await you at A K Clinics. Try contacting us at our Delhi, Mumbai and Ludhiana centres for consultation or advice, our veteran surgeons and team of skilled medical professionals will be happy to lend their expertise.

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What is it about hair transplants that make people feel they should go for it, as though the ads that promote ‘cures to baldness’  weave a mesmeric spell?  Many surgeons state there is a certain risk. It gives the entire medical fraternity a bad name when fly-by-night operators make tall claims and then fail to deliver. A patient who had undergone 2000 hair grafts was depressed because of his surgeon’s attitude post-surgery. Before selling him the idea of a transplant, the patient was welcomed, convinced but the situation turned sour when the grafts did not grow. To make matters worse, the patient could not even have a short hair cut due to the terrible scar he was saddled with. The recipient area had healed but the surgeon was wrong in making the patient feel as though it were his fault. A surgeon first and foremost needs to be compassionate enough to treat every patient with not just medicines and operations but also proper counseling and adequate or qualitative feedback.  As for patients, they need to do thorough research before signing up for hair transplant or any such procedure and must not consider this to be some mysterious process where the outcome hinges on chance or luck. Most factors are within the control of the surgeon and his team.

However, many times women with undiagnosed conditions like alopecia may face some problems with hair grafts.

People should be aware that as they age they will face thinning hair and not fall prey to miracle peddlers and their false promises. A transplant done at thirty years of age will have different result than one which is done later. New procedures like FUE have made inroads into hair restoration, but before opting for it, a consultation with experts is vital to avoid disappointment later. Any person going in for any kind of treatment should feel free to ask questions such as density coverage, downtime, side-effects or any other concerns like a scar. The best bet would be to seek testimonials of those who have already been through the procedure. At A K Clinics we have a dedicated team of qualified professionals who educate the patient about the procedure and dispel doubts. Our centres in Ludhiana, Delhi, Mumbai are open to people from all walks of life, who want to change their tomorrow and face it with confidence.

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Our esteemed doctors Dr. Kapil Dua & Dr. Aman Dua from AK Clinics conducted a workshop on Hair Transplant in Aesthetics 2013 being held at New Delhi from 23rd Aug – 25th Aug. This conference is being attended by around 600 doctors from across the country and some neighboring countries. The most eminent doctors have been invited from across the globe to share their knowledge & experience.

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Dr Kapil Dua & Dr Aman Dua trained these doctors on various hair transplant techniques. They gave these doctors a hands-on experience of Follicular Unit Extraction ( FUE) technique. Most of them were amazed by the skill & expertise of the duo.

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Dr Kapil Dua & Dr Aman Dua both attended recently 2nd Mediterranean FUE Workshop held in Madrid, Spain. The workshop was hosted by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery together with Dr. José Lorenzo and Dr. Alex Ginzburg. This 3-day workshop focused on the specialized donor harvesting technique of follicular unit extraction (FUE). Nine live surgical procedures were offered along with implantation with the implanter pen technique. Several FUE techniques, methodologies and instruments were discussed including both manual and motorized FUE.

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Q. I’ve learnt from somewhere that Hair transplant only works in that cases where there is no side lying chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes or obesity. I’m suffering from both diabetes & anxiety from the last 5 years and managing the same with 10 units of insulin daily and mild dose lorazepam; please suggest can I undergo Hair Transplant, also whether my anxiety could be because of Hair Loss.

A. In fact this is a very valid question and there are ample amount of myths around the same.

  • Hypertension and diabetes mellitus is an issue when it is uncontrolled, if they are controlled or in their normal range after your daily dose of prescribed medicine, then you are considered as a healthy candidate of hair transplantation.
  • After your daily dose of insulin if your RBS level is lower than 140mg/dl, then you can go through hair transplantation, just remember to take your dose before coming for the procedure.
  • Lorazepamposes no issue with hair transplant surgery; in fact some centres prescribe medicine from this group for mild sedation of the patient.

At AK Clinics, we study the complete drug history of the patient before operating upon him. One must be thoughtful in choosing a hair transplant centre and discuss complete history with doctors; with us it is a practice.

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