Patient’s Profile:

Name – Ram Verma (Name changed due to privacy)

Age – 30

Sex – Male

Norwood’s Classification of Male Pattern Alopecia:

LevelGrade 3

Plan for the patient:

To cover the bald areas and give a natural hairline


AreaCovered: Front half and part of crown area

Grafts extracted –2000

Technique Used: FUE

Donor Area: Scalp

Procedure Details:

Grafts were extracted from the scalp and implanted over the frontal half and part of crown. A total of 2000 grafts were used in this patient


Good results were observed with adequate density over the front and the overall look of the patient had changed for the better.

Before & after Pictures:

after 1

After 6 Months

Immediate postop; grafted area

Before Operation

Immediate postop; grafted area1

Immediate Postop

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