Patient’s Profile:

Name – Omar Khan (Name changed for privacy concern)

Age – 31

Sex – Male

Norwood’s Classification Of Male Pattern Alopecia:

LevelGrade 7

Plan for the patient:

  • To cover the scalp in 1-2 sittings

Procedure :

AreaCovered: Frontal half

Estimated Grafts– 3000

Technique Used: FUE plus strip

Donor Area: Scalp

Procedure Details:

  • The patient had an advanced grade of baldness and was very worried about his hair when he came to meet us. We decided to go for a combination of strip plus FUE so as to take all the grafts from donor scalp alone. We extracted around 2225 grafts by strip method and 1150 grafts by FUE in a single sitting


With a total of 3375 grafts we were able to produce great results in a single sitting and the patient was very happy with his new younger look. The donor area was also unharmed by the procedure and looked exactly the same after transplant without any thinning.

after 1
Immediate postop; grafted area
Immediate postop; grafted area1

Post op; strip and FUE donor

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