Que: I am 22 years of age right now, but I started noticing severe hair loss from the time I was 18. Because I had long hair, the balding did not become obvious at first, but now it is getting out of hand and I am wondering whether I should be considering a hair transplant. My father is also bald, so could this be all due to the genes?

Ans: At the age that you are at, we can be quite sure that the hair loss has not yet stabilised, which means that you could still lose a lot of hair. This is why a hair transplant would not be suggestible, because it might not be successful. However, if in your case, the hair loss has become settled, we could go in for a single sitting for a hair transplant. Depending on the extent of your hair loss, several more sessions might be required and this would be something that can be decided only after a physical exam. It is also possible that you might require subsequent addition of grafts, in the months to come.

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