Que: I had an FUE almost a year back, and although things looked okay initially, after about 11 months, my hair started falling out at a drastic pace. After the procedure I had taken only a daily dose of evening primrose oil, because both Propecia and Finasteride were showing negative side effects. My doctor has suggested that I go for another FUE, because that will give me the desired density of hair. Please advice on what my next step should be.

Ans: There could be several reasons that lead to the falling of hair and the FUE not being a complete success, however in order to provide a proper diagnosis, a personal examination will be required. We will also have to look at the photographs taken immediately post the FUE procedure, because that will give us an idea of whether the grafts were implanted properly or not. We will also have to examine the donor area to gauge whether the implants were healthy in the first place.

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