Que:  Around two weeks after my FUE procedure, I woke up one day with a really bad itch, around the back of the head, close to where my recipient area was. When I looked in the mirror I saw, 3 small reddish pimples like bumps, which were the cause of the itch. While there was no blood, I could not help myself constantly itch at the location, but I made sure that I did the same with a light hand. A few grafts also fell out during the process and that has me a little worried.

Ans: There is nothing to worry about, because itching is normal after an FUE procedure. However, if the itching gets too tough to handle, then you might want to visit your doctor, who will prescribe you something to soothe the condition. As for the few hair grafts falling out, this too is normal and to be expected.

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