Que: I am currently living in New York and my hair first started thinning out, when I was about 21. That is when I started off on Finasteride, and at 28, I got my first hair transplant. Now I am 32 and recently I got my second hair transplant, wherein my doctor used only 700 grafts. My doctor is very reputed and I have been able to see obvious results after each procedure. However, I still feel that my hair is thinning and had my doctor used more grafts, my head would have looked fuller. Is my doctor being conservative, because of my age and slow rate of hair loss, or could there be something else?

Ans: There are several things that your doctor must have taken into consideration when doing your procedure. For instance, the size of the strip taken during an FUT procedure is dependent on the amount of hair loss. Similarly, there will be considerations regarding the density required to cover the bald area and how many more grafts could be required in the future. While we agree that more grafts could have been taken out, the best judge of the same will be the doctor who conducted the surgery on you.

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