Que: I got an FUE procedure done exactly 19 days back, and my surgeon used 1000 grafts. Now, I have hyperpigmentation and scar tissue and my forehead has now become blackish, blotchy and almost bumpy. My hair transplant surgeon said that this was normal, but because I was not satisfied, I met a dermatologist. He confirmed that what I have is serious hyperpigmentation and scar tissues and the raised bumps could possibly be keloids. He has now prescribed Kogic and Mycin, but I am really worried. What should I do?

Ans: If your procedure had been done by an experienced professional, then ideally, nothing should have gone wrong. Without looking at photos or giving you a physical exam, it would be a little tough for us to give you a proper answer, but there is a possibility that the bumps you are referring to are just scabs. You might want to wait till the transplanted hair fall out, to get a clearer picture.

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