Que: After how long can I start using my hair grooming tools, such as hair dryers, after a hair transplant? Will I be able to colour, straighten or gel my hair? Also, can hair follicles be harvested from any other part of the body?

Ans: Ideally, your doctor should have told you about all this in advance, but normally, we advise our patients to deter from using hair grooming tools and products for at least a month. This is the time period, when the transplanted hair falls off and the new hair starts to take root. Once the hair has fallen off, the most sensitive time period is over, but it would be prudent to take a slightly subtle approach, because your new hair will have to be treated with kid gloves. If you are using a hair dryer, keep it on a medium heat and whatever hair products you are using, should be really gentle or mild ones. As for the hair follicles, follicles from the beard can be used with a great degree of success.

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