Ak clinics is doing efforts to aware the people for the hair loss treatment and hair transplantation. Ak Clinics organize seminars on hair transplant on the regular basis. On the coming 15 April, 2012 Seminar is organized at Ak Clinics from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm . In this seminar following activities will take place 1. Presentation given on Hair Transplant 2. Consultation with the doctor for Hair Loss 3.

Hair Analysis (free of cost) 4. Medicines given to hair fall patients To register for this Hair Transplant consultation sessions please take a appointment. All the entries are strictly by prior appointment. One of our Patient Consultants will confirm your for the appointment.   Contact Address: AK Clinics Pvt Ltd 2190, Krishna Nagar,Near Aarti Chowk,Ludhiana (Punjab.) E-mail: akclinics@gmail.com Website: www.akclinics.com Patient Consultants  Mobile No: +91-97799-44207 Click here to fill Online Enquiry form

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