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Hair Transplant Result of 33 Year old Curly Hair Patient

A 33 yr old male presented with the complaint of baldness for the past 7 years. He had developed Grd VI baldness. He was having curly hair. So, a test grafting was done in this patient. ( Test grafting: Ten grafts were taken out one day prior to the surgery to assess the curl of the hair and find out whether we can do the FUE hair transplant in him or not. Since that test was positive, i.e the grafts were extracted, so we took him up for the surgery).
Around 2010 grafts were taken out. The surgery was uneventful.
The implantation took more time than the routine as the hair were curly. But, we were able to complete it in one day only.
The patient has got result and send his Result pics, Now the Patient wants more grafts for his back side after two years…..

PreOp Images

Immediate PostOp Images

Result Images