Should you undergo single session or multi session hair transplant?

  • January 10, 2015
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When a person who has extensive hair loss is thinking about whether he or she should go for a hair transplant, there are plenty of things to consider. The very first would be whether they should go in for a single session, where a large area of the... Read More

The Best and Worst of FUE Hair Transplant

  • January 2, 2015
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So, you have hair loss and you have made plenty of visits to your local hair care doctor and he has told you that the best option for you to come back to your normal look would be to get a hair transplant procedure done. He has also informed you... Read More

5 important aspects of Body Hair Transplant

  • December 22, 2014
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So you know what a hair transplant refers to and what the basic tenets of the procedures are. However, you might not know much about BHT or body hair transplant. This article intends to look into the increasingly popular world of body hair... Read More

Know all about recipient & donor sites in Hair Transplant

  • December 19, 2014
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If you are someone who has been reading the past few articles or are just someone who is considering a hair transplant and has been doing research on the same, there are chances that you would have come across terms such as donor area and recipient... Read More

How does Strip Hair Transplant Actually Happens

  • December 13, 2014
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We read a lot of things on FUT & FUE on internet but when it comes to the procedure, there are a rare few who are truly aware of what happens during the procedure.This article and the next one aims at taking a minute look at the follicular unit... Read More

What are the key steps in FUE Hair Transplantation Procedure

  • December 12, 2014
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Follicular unit extraction is a more advanced version of the follicular unit transplantation. It might cost a little more, the comfort for the patient is certainly much more than in FUE. As a matter of fact, a majority of people are preferring this... Read More

The Before, the During and the After of a Hair Transplant

  • December 2, 2014
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So, you have decided that the only way you can get back to looking the way you once did, is by getting a hair transplant. You have done your research and finalised on a good doctor with plenty of experience. However, there are still a lot of things... Read More

Hair Transplant! Infographics

  • December 2, 2014
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  Hair Transplant is the only successful, permanent & established treatment of baldness until the successful hair cloning is devised. At the same time, the method of implantation for even cloned grafts still may remain the same as... Read More

Top 10 Myths About Hair Transplant

  • November 29, 2014
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Over the past few years, there have been several innovations in the field of hair transplant; however, in the general population, there are still numerous misconceptions. As a matter of fact, if a normal person were to be asked about hair... Read More

FUT vs FUE: The Facts Unveiled! – Part 2

  • November 26, 2014
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In continuation from the previous article, this one proceeds to look at other aspects of follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and how each differs from the other. The survival rate of the grafts or... Read More