Top 5 Hair Loss Myths & Facts

[caption id="attachment_2686" align="aligncenter" ]Hair Loss Myths and Facts, Infographics Hair Loss Myths and Facts, Infographics[/caption] Hair Loss is an intriguing problem not only for the ones suffering but also for doctors treating the same. It is very pertinent to understand hair loss before someone actually presses the panic button. We've created this infographic  on Hair Loss Myths & Facts to enlighten the patients about some myths that are highly prevalent among patients. 1st - Mentality:  Hair Shedding and Hair Loss are same. 1st - Reality:  The hairs follow a cycle of regrowth that is Anagen, Catagen & Telogen. Wherein the hair follicles fall down & regrow. So losing as many 50-100 hair is normal. Hair loss starts when the number of hair falling is more than the number of hair growing back 2nd - Mentality:  Frequent shampooing causes hair to fall out 2nd - Reality:  There is common perception that shampooing makes hair go thin. When people notice few hair in tub it increases the suspicion further and they even shampoo less often. Contrary the solution is shampoo every day and excess hair in tub will disappear 3rd - Mentality:  Oil Massage is always good done regularly 3rd - Reality:  A lot of hair massage causes trauma for the roots and they may become weak over a period of time. So you can oil your hair with soft hands but also avoid using excess of oil. 4th - Mentality:  Cutting/shaving your hair will make it grow back thicker 4th - Reality:  This is myth as hair are normally thicker near the roots  and it feels that hair have got thicker. But they will come to same level when they grow. 5th - Mentality:  Hair loss is always genetic 5th - Reality:  There are other factors also such as hormonal,nutritional deficiency, skin infection etc. So it is very pertinent that a medical examination be conducted to investigate the cause.

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