Bangkok, Thailand: International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery, USA, elected Dr Kapil Dua has Treasurer for the new term. The announcement came at General Body Meeting of ISHRS’s World Congress being held at Bangkok, Thailand (13th to 17th November).

Dr Kapil Dua, who earlier became the only doctor from India to be on the Board of Governors, was elected based on his contribution to the cause of making hair transplant more ethical & result oriented.

The ISHRS is an international, non-profit medical society comprised of over 1,000 members representing 70 countries – dedicated to promulgating the highest standards of medical practice and medical ethics in the field of Hair Restoration especially Hair Transplant.

Dr Kapil Dua on the occasion vowed that he would do his best to contribute to the field and especially to the ISHRS initiative – ‘Fight-the-Fight’, wherein the international society had declared war on unethical practices, unlicensed physicians and establish international standards in India as well.

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