Dr Kapil Dua attends 4th Annual Scientific Meeting of AAHRS

Dr. Kapil Dua recently attended the 4th Annual Scientific Meeting of Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons (AAHRS) on 28th-29th March, 2015. attending the 4th ASM of Asian Society in Bangkok   During Karoke Singing at the Gala Dinner with Dr Kamran, Dr Pathomvanich & Dr Marazola He was an invited speaker and a Board of Governor of AAHRS. He presented the draft of the AAHRS in the meeting BOGs being the in charge of the Drafting Committee of the Constitution of AAHRS. He also actively participated in the meeting and had delivered two talks: • FUE, My experience in Asians with Blunt punch & • A Video on Pearls on tips & tricks of extraction of Body hair. Both the talks were highly informative & widely appreciated. During the talk on his topic, he shared how the blunt punch (due to the lower wastage during surgery) boosted his confidence while extraction in the initial years of his practice and led to the customization of the dull punch for the surgery.  Dr Kapil, Dr Sanjiv Vasa, India and Dr Marazola from Australia Dr Lorenzo from Spain & Dr Marina from USA His video on Body hair extraction was the only one in the category of body hair extraction and he demonstrated how sharp punches of lesser diameter and smaller shaft lead to an easy extraction of grafts from the body. With the next presidnet of AAhrs Asia DR Ali Abassi from Iran & others. In the evening, all the doctors enjoyed karaoke singing including Dr. Kapil Dua during the Gala Dinner. The next day was live surgeries in which he actively contributed and discussed about the little subtle things in the hair transplant surgery which added value to the discussion in the audience.

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