Que: Just a week back, I had an FUE procedure with 4500 grafts, but the problem is that I have to go back to work in another 10 days. Before the transplant I had a very short haircut and I used to apply TOPPIK on the areas where the balding was most prominent. I want to know if I can get a haircut, before I head back to work and can I use TOPPIK as well.

Ans: Two to three weeks after a transplant, the grafts are completely embedded, which is why you can get a haircut; but you need to make sure that you tell your barber that you have undergone a transplant. Using Toppik is also fine, as long as there is no irritation on your scalp. In case there is any irritation, you might want to wait till it subsides completely, the crusts shed off completely and then you can start using Toppik again.

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