AK Clinics holds Hair Transplant Workshop at New Delhi
May 28, 2015: AK Clinics held a workshop on hair transplant for doctors in association with Alembic India. This workshop was attended by 10 doctors from various states of North India including Rajasthan, UP, Punjab, Haryana, Uttrakhand, and New Delhi.

Hair Transplant Workshop Hair Transplant Workshop 1 Hair Transplant Workshop  2

The workshop was held at AK Clinics, New Delhi. The workshop started with didactic lectures by DrKapilDua on various aspects of FUE hair transplant. Thereon, there was a live surgery obervership in which the demonstration started from preparation of the patient, local anesthesia, designing of hairline, extraction and lastly implantation. DrRenu from AK Clinics Delhi also demonstrated some of the aspects. The doctors found the workshop very informative and useful for their practice. AK Clinics runs various training programmes that are attended by many doctors from different countries.
During the workshop, YashuArora, Senior Manager-Alembic alongwith his team and Aman Bansal, CEO AK Clinics, was also present with his team to support the workshop.

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