Que: My brother is 28 years old and two years back, he started losing hair from the back of his head. Now the hair loss has started in the front of the head as well and I am guessing this is genetics, because my father also lost most of his hair, by the time he was 35. Please tell me a way by which I can help my brother.

Ans: From what you have explained, it looks like your brother is suffering from androgenetic alopecia or the genetic hair loss pattern. Your first step towards helping him, should be to take him to a hair specialist, who will gauge the extent of the hair loss and offer the best course of treatment. In most cases, the doctor will first suggest medical management, because many a times, that is sufficient or the medication will at least stabilise the hair loss. Once the hair loss has been stabilised, your brother could consider a hair transplant. You should make sure that you do plenty of research before finalising on a doctor, because only in the hands of an experienced surgeon, can you expect good results.

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