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For most women, the feeling of being truly complete comes with the confirmation of their pregnancy – the fact that they are about to become a mother is what makes them the happiest and the next few months are spent on taking care of the life growing within them. However, once the baby is born, most mothers are concerned about the stretch marks that appear. While many women wear the stretch marks as signs of victory, there are those who want to get rid of the marks as soon as possible.

The medical term for stretch marks is striae distensae and although most people connect it exclusively with pregnancy, the fact of the matter is that it can come due to other reasons as well. For instance, if you lose a massive amount of weight, you will notice stretch marks. Most commonly, stretch marks can be seen on the stomach, but it can also be visible on upper thighs, chest and the area around the armpits. Even though most people try over the counter creams to get rid of these stretch marks, most of them will not work and even if they work, they will only lighten the marks. If you want to get rid of the marks completely, then you need to head to the best clinic for stretch marks removal in Bangalore.

Welcome to AK Clinics Bangalore, where we offer you the best treatment for the complete removal of all types of stretch marks. Using modern technology, we can ensure that all stretch marks are removed permanently and without much discomfort to you.

There are mainly two reasons for stretch marks – pregnancy or the sudden loss of weight. However, there are certain other reasons that could cause stretch marks, such as:

  • Excessive stretching of the skin
  • Puberty
  • Extremely large breast implants
  • Excessive use of certain types of steroids
  • Damage to the elastic fibres that are naturally present in the skin
  • Inflammation within the skin

Before stretch marks removal treatment in Bangalore can be started, it is important that a proper diagnosis be done. Because stretch marks have been around for a very long time, they are actually quite easy to identify, however, it is better that you ask a doctor or a dermatologist to confirm the same. These are the things that the doctors at AK Clinics will be looking for, while diagnosing your stretch marks:

  • Stretch marks are generally lighter in the normal skin colour
  • In some cases, the marks could be light red or pinkish in colour
  • These are not itchy or painful
  • There are not any other scars or marks on the stretch marks

The best way to treat stretch marks is to take precautions right from the beginning, which is actually possible with pregnancy. Studies have shown that keeping the skin hydrated or moisturised can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. While it might be treated like an old wives tale, but not scratching the tummy during pregnancy can also reduce the appearance.Here are some of the most common ways of treating stretch marks:

There are several methods used for stretch marks removal treatment in Bangalore AK Clinics, but we are true believers of the fact that prevention is better than cure. If you take proper care of yourself during your pregnancy, the chances of stretch marks emerging are minimal. There are several studies that have shown that if you keep your skin hydrated and nourished during the pregnancy, the emergence of stretch marks will be reduced. Similarly, not scratching your stomach can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Perhaps the easiest method of stretch marks removal in Bangalore would be prescription medicines such as Retin-A or Tazorac gels, which help with the stimulation of collagen in the body. When there is more collagen in the body, the skin is able to bounce back so much more easily. However, these treatments work best when the stretch marks are fresh. If you are pregnant, you can come and talk to our specialist doctors, who will prescribe you medications that you can apply during your pregnancy to avoid stretch marks. We will ensure that the medication has absolutely no adverse effects on the foetus.

Another method used by us for stretch marks removal in Bangalore is dermabrasion – the method gently peels away the topmost layer of the skin, enticing new skin cells to grow and form. Once these new skin cells form, the stretch marks will start to fade away. Chemical peels also work in a similar manner – they will remove the top most layer of the skin, revealing healthier skin underneath and eventually fading the stretch marks away.

However, the most promising results have been with laser treatment for stretch marks in Bangalore. The skin is pulled to make it taut and a special gel is applied to the areas where the stretch marks are most prominent. Then the laser is applied to the areas, penetrating deep into the skin and this process encourages the production of collagen. Once the collagen production is initiated, the skin will become healthier and the stretch marks will start to fade away.

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