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Beautiful is almost synonymous with fair. Everyone wants to become fair and beautiful. There was a time when one could do nothing about the skin tone that he/she was born with. But now developments in technology and cosmetic procedures have made it possible for dusky beauties to become fair beauties. Skin whitening is a trend that is fast becoming popular in most cities. Even in Bangalore, skin whitening treatment is gaining popularity. Many men and women are opting for this treatment as it gives them reliable results with minimum side effects.

AK Clinics is a leading clinic in Bangalore that offers a wide range of skin care and hair care treatments. We offer a wide range of hair care treatment programs including hair transplant for men and women, hair loss treatment, hair transplantation, and hair gain therapy. We also offer cosmetic surgery such as rhinoplasty surgery, liposuction, cosmetic gynecology, abdominoplasty surgery, and more. As a part of our skin treatment programs, we offer hair removal, skin polishing, stretch marks removal, pigmentation treatment, anti-aging treatment, and laser photo facial. Contact us for a free consultation. You can also check out the skin whitening treatment cost in Bangalore and compare it with the prices that we offer. You will find that we offer premium services at an affordable price.

Anyone can go for skin whitening treatment. A person who has dark patches on face or other parts of the body, birthmarks, or an overall dark skin tone can go for skin whitening treatment. However, if you are going for laser treatment for skin whitening, you should check with your doctor first that what results should you expect. In many cases whitening procedures may not be advisable or realistic expectations should be kept. It is sometimes even a great achievement to just drop 1 shade.

Skin care clinics in Bangalore offer different types of skin whitening treatments. The most common treatment types are:

Here is how SMP works:

  • Chemical peeling - Chemical peels or fruit acids are used for treatment. In this procedure, the upper layer cells are exfoliated, leaving behind a lighter skin layer.
  • Anti-pigmentation treatment - This treatment type involves the use of whitening agents and de-pigmentation packs to remove the dark upper layer of the skin.
  • De-tan Facials - Skin darkens due to exposure to sun rays. Detan facials use chemicals, natural materials, or anti-oxidants to remove the tan from the skin.
  • Skin Whitening IV Injections - Glutathione (GSH) is a naturally occurring antioxidant which is present in our body but with the increasing age, the levels of glutathione decreases causing dull skin, pigmentation. If you want to maintain the glow of your skin, you have to replenish your skin with glutathione externally. At AK Clinics, IV injections or beauty drip for skin whitening is available which will give a natural glow to your skin. The glutathione IV infusion contains skin whitening agents like glutathione, vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Vitamin B complex or Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) which are designed to deliver high antioxidant coverage and for better skin glow.
  • Laser therapy - Also known as laser peel, this treatment involves the use of concentrated laser beams to remove the dark upper layers of the skin exposing the lighter skin underneath.
  • Skin whitening products - The market is full of lotions and creams that claim to remove the dark skin tan and lighten the skin tone. These skin care products usually have bleaching agents and offer temporary results.

When you consult a dermatologist in our clinic in Bangalore for skin whitening treatment, the doctor will first analyze your skin tone, texture, and your health conditions. The dermatologist will suggest the type of treatment based on all these factors. It will also be a good idea to explain to the dermatologist the skin tone that you wish to achieve after the treatment. This will help them decide on the treatment and the number of sittings. It is better to clarify all this in the consultation stage as the cost of the skin whitening treatment will depend on all these factors.

The skin will be very sensitive after the procedure, so you should take very good care and follow the precautions prescribed by the dermatologist. In case there is any swelling or redness of skin, the dermatologist will prescribe ointment for skin. The doctor may ask you to stay away from the sun for a particular period of time depending on the intensity and extent of the procedure. You should also restrain from using certain skin care products for some time till your skin gets back to normal health. The doctor may advise you to use aloe vera or petroleum jelly, which will give a soothing effect. You will also have to use sunscreen to protect your skin from harsh sunrays for nearly six months after the treatment procedure.

The cost of skin whitening in Bangalore depends on various factors. First, and foremost, it depends on the clinic. The cost will depend on whether the clinic uses advanced tools and technology and has the best dermatologists in Bangalore. You may be tempted to go for cheap services, but you need to understand that it could result in side effects that could incur further expenses in after treatment. The number of sittings and the skin tone will also be taken into consideration while estimating the total cost of the skin whitening procedure.

AK Clinics, a top skin and hair care treatment center offers only the best services to all the patients. Our dermatologists are highly qualified and experienced and we use advanced tools and equipment in all our treatment procedures. Moreover, we take the utmost care to ensure that the treatment room and the medical equipment are sanitized, so that there is no chance of any infection.

To know more about the skin whitening treatment, contact our Bangalore clinic. You can avail our free consultation offer to meet our dermatologist and get a clear idea of the cost of the skin whitening treatment in Bangalore. We will also suggest the best treatment based on your skin health and budget. Contact us right away.

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