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So many of us, go to great lengths to take care of our skin – we wash it with the best of face washes, apply expensive skin care creams, go for regular facials and massages and ensure that we eat healthy, to keep our skin nourished from within. However, there are times, when things go wrong from within the body and that starts to show on the skin, and in such cases, we might need something more than home remedies.

Pigmentation is one such problem that affects more people than we could imagine, and in most cases, people ignore the symptoms. While pigmentation is not a dangerous condition, it needs medical attention at the right time. Fortunately, with the best pigmentation treatment in Bangalore, you can now get rid of all symptoms of pigmentation forever.

What is Pigmentation?

Pigments are naturally occurring elements in the skin and they are what give our skin the natural colour – but when there is an imbalance in these pigments, it leads to conditions known as hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is caused when there is an excessive production of melanin in the body and this leads to dark spots all over the skin. Hyperpigmentation can affect any part of the body, including the face, arms and legs. A proper diagnosis is important, because in many cases, this pigmentation could be the pointer towards some other medical condition and also because hyper pigmentation treatment in Bangalore can be started only after the diagnosis has been made.

Types of Hyperpigmentation?

While there are several types of hyperpigmentation, the most common types include:

  • Sunspots: Also known as solar lentigines, sun spots are normally caused because of excessive exposure to sunlight. These spots will be most visible on those parts of the body, which are exposed to sunlight, such as face, hands and legs.
  • Melasma: This type of hyperpigmentation is often caused because of hormonal activity in your body – when certain hormones are not functioning properly, it could lead to hyperpigmentation. The most common appearance is during pregnancy and menopause, because there is a change in hormones during these times.
  • Post inflammatory: This is the type of hyperpigmentation that is caused because of an injury to the skin.

Causes for Hyperpigmentation?

To plan a proper course of pigmentation treatment in Bangalore, it is important that the cause is diagnosed first. Here are the most common causes, there are a few basic causes for hyperpigmentation:

  • Excessive exposure to sunlight
  • Excessive production of melanin in the body
  • Certain medicines such as those used for chemotherapy
  • Change in hormonal levels due to conditions such as pregnancy or menopause
  • Medical conditions such as Addison’s disease, which can affect the adrenal glands

Treatments Options for Hyperpigmentation

When you come to AK Clinics, you have access to the best pigmentation treatment in Bangalore and there will be several options that will be offered to you. These will include:

Topical creams and ointments

If your pigmentation has just started or is really mild, chances are that you might be suggested the use of topical creams or medicated ointments. The active ingredients in the creams could help lower the melanin levels in the skin, helping improve skin tone and even out complexion. While there could be slight skin irritation, these creams are normally effective for mild pigmentation.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are designed to remove the top layer of the skin to reveal healthier, cleaner looking skin that sits just beneath. More importantly, the skin cells are stimulated to recover from within. The entire process can help reduce the appearance of new pigmentation and make the visible ones much lighter. The intensity of the peel solution will depend on your pigmentation.

Intense pulsed light (IPL)

A broad spectrum light is directed towards the skin, via a handheld device and that targets the melanin directly. When the light hits the melanin, the particles are forced to break down. With the dissipation of the melanin particles, the skin starts to look clearer and the spots become lighter. With a few sessions, you will be able to see the skin become clearer and pigmentation marks reducing and eventually you will have skin that is clean and clear.


One of the most modern and advanced therapies, laser has shown results for reduction of acne marks and is now being used commonly for pigmentation as well. The basic notion of the treatment is similar to IPL – the laser beams are targeted at the melanin and the particles break up. The intensity of the laser can be changed as per the requirement and discretion of the doctor.

Why AK Clinics for Pigmentation Treatment?

Why AK Clinics you say – well, because when you do a Google search looking for a pigmentation removal clinic near me in Bangalore, chances are that you will come across our name, simply because we are one of the best. Walk into our clinic and we will ensure that you are well taken care of - rather than rushing to make you sign on any dotted lines, we will take the time to talk to you first and understand your concerns. After a thorough examination, an experienced doctor will suggest a course of action for you and explain all the pros and cons of the same.

Moreover, we offer a wide range of treatment options including laser and chemical peels – our team of highly trained doctors and dermatologists know exactly which tools and procedures to use for each skin and pigmentation type. This ensures that you get the best treatment and will get to see the results you are hoping for.

Best Clinic for Skin Whitening Treatment in Bangalore
Before Procedure:

Before the course of treatment can be started, you will be given a thorough skin examination, because the treatment can be decided only after diagnosing the extent and the cause. During this examination, your medical history will also be taken, including your genetic history and details of any medication that you might be taking. The examination will include UV studies, because it is important to understand whether over exposure to sunlight has caused the pigmentation. The medical history will help the doctor understand whether any hormonal imbalances or other medical conditions such as Cushing’s disease or Addison’s disease are causing the condition. It would also be wise to tell the doctor about any surgeries or skin care procedure that you might have undergone in the past.

During the Procedure

For your skin pigmentation laser treatment in Bangalore, you will be taken to the treatment room, where a specialised laser will be used on your skin. The intense light of the laser will penetrate through your skin to the pigments in the skin, where it will be absorbed. The energy that is created by the laser will break up the cells of the pigment and the resultant particles will be cleared out by the body’s natural immune system. There could be a little bleeding, crusting or blistering on the skin but this is completely natural and will disappear after a little while. It is important to understand that the pigments will not fade away immediately – some time and a few more sessions will be needed for proper results to become visible.

Post-Procedural Instructions

Immediately after the procedure, your skin will feel tender and there might be some bleeding. You will be given proper instructions on how to take care of your skin and at the best clinic for pigmentation treatment in Bangalore, all these instructions will be given to you in a printed form. You will be given medications to help with the pain as well as for the healing process and you will be asked to not step out into the sun for a few days.

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Absolutely. We use only the most modern lasers, which will ensure the best results with the minimal amount of discomfort. You will be given protective eye wear so that the bright light does not hurt your eyes.

You need to remember that the results will not become visible in the first session – you will need to get through a minimum of 2-3 sessions to start seeing the results. And once the results become visible, they will last a long time.

Lasers are not known to hurt, but there could be a little discomfort, which is temporary. Chemical peels will cause a little more discomfort, as there could be some itching and irritation. But these are not known to last for more than a few hours.

Pigmentation treatment cost in Bangalore will be dependent on several factors including the type of pigmentation, the extent and the choice of procedure. The number of sessions you require will also affect the costing.

  • Do get a proper consultation and examination before finalising on any procedure.
  • Do give the doctor all the details about your medical history, your lifestyle and genetics.
  • Do tell the doctor about any medications that you might be on.
  • Don’t wear too much makeup on the day of the procedure
  • Don’t expose yourself too much to the UV rays of the sun

  • Do follow all the instructions your doctor gives for post procedure care.
  • Do take the medicines suggested by the doctor.
  • Don’t step out into the sun directly for as many days as prescribed.
  • Don’t wear any makeup or chemical products on the treated area.

What are the possible risks?

When the procedure is done by professionals, there is little to be worried about, but as is with any medical procedure, there are a few risks involved:

  • There could be a little bleeding, which should subside in a few hours.
  • The skin could start to look a little grey, but this too is normal, and your skin will return to its normal colour soon.
  • The pigments might not fade at all and you might have to look at other methods of treatment.
  • There could be uneven colouring all over the treated area.
  • The blistering and crusting is extreme, and it does not fall off easily.

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