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What is Artificial Hair Restoration?

Hair is an important part of a person’s physical image and when someone starts losing the same, there is an obvious worry. For most people, losing hair is not only embarrassing, but also a dent to their confidence. This is why, when someone starts losing hair, they want to find a way to cover it up.

While the most permanent solution is a hair transplant, this is something that often scares a lot of people. They feel that a surgery will be too expensive or it will hurt a lot, which is why they are not too enthusiastic about the same. However, they still want to have a solution for hair loss which will not only look natural, but also last for some time.

This is where our solutions for artificial hair restoration, come into the picture. What the world might see as patches and extensions, are actually excellent options to cover hair loss, without any surgery and over the past few years, we have gained somewhat an expertise in the same. Our patches and extensions are designed in such a manner that they will sit well with your natural hair and offer a look that you will love to flaunt.

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Artificial Hair Restoration

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Hair Patches

We offer one of the most sophisticated technologies, in the field of non-clinical hair replacement. Our aim is to not just cover the bald patches in your head, but create a natural looking head, which might look as good as your actual hair. As a matter of fact, this kind of artificial hair restoration will actually give you hair that has better density than your natural hair, which means that you will be able to style it better and in more manners than you could have imagined.

At the moment, we offer 3 kinds of patches, namely:

Cheveux Basic

Cheveux Nettoyer

Cheveux Naturels

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Hair Extensions

Yet again, we are leaders in the field of offering hair extensions, and with our range, you will have the kind of hair length that you have always wanted. As a matter of fact, with our extensions in place, you will be able to truly “play around with your hair”! Whether you have fine hair or hair that is really short, our extensions will allow you to have hair that looks truly transformed.

Our procedure is so much gentler on the hair, because we do not utilise any glues or waxes to put the extensions in place. There are not even any weaving procedures required, because the extensions will simply link onto an existing lock of hair. What is great about our extensions is that they can be used over and over again, and you can have your hair looking thicker and longer all the time, without it looking unnatural at all. As a matter of fact, your hair extensions will be so natural that you will get to colour them, style them or even perm them, the way you like. You can either choose from an extensive range of readymade extensions or we will customise them to your liking.

You will be able to wash these extensions in a normal manner and we would encourage you to keep them clean and moisturise them too. With a natural bristled brush, you can comb your hair all day long and have little to worry about. It would be ideal that you loosely plait your hair, while sleeping, exercising or when you are going swimming.

Frequently Asked Questions about Artificial Hair Restoration

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding artificial hair restoration:

If the procedure has been done at a recognised clinic under the supervision of an experienced doctor, there are little to no chances of anything going wrong.
In non-surgical hair restoration, there is no surgery or needles. Prosthetics or hair pieces will be created for you and those will be fitted on the head or areas with maximum balding.
The hair prosthetic will be created in accordance with the person, which means that the hair type and colour as well as texture will be in correspondence with their actual hair. The hair used will normally be human and will have been sanitised properly. The prosthetic will be kept in place either using clips or cosmetic glue, both of which normally do not cause any allergies.
While in a surgical procedure, you would have to invest at least three to five months, to start seeing any actual effects, in an artificial hair restoration process, it is immediate after proper setting. In order to design the prosthesis, the doctor will need about a week or a little more, and the setting or fitting process will not take more than a few hours.
With advanced techniques of artificial hair restoration, covering complete baldness is actually possible.
An artificial prosthesis will be created, in tandem with the natural texture and colour of your hair and this will be held in place using clips, tapes or glue, all of which will be skin friendly. And no, your natural hair will not be affected in any which way, although they might have to be trimmed to allow better setting of the prosthetic.
Once the prosthetic has been set properly, it will look absolutely natural and you will get to treat it like normal hair. You will be able to wash and condition it, use styling products and cut them in a manner that you feel suits you. Since the hair used to create the prosthetic is actual human hair, you will also be able to colour or straighten them.
Absolutely – women too can get artificial hair restoration done.
The maintenance is pretty much the same as is with normal hair, which means that you can wash them, condition them and brush them daily.
Once the prosthetic is in place, you will be able to do anything and everything, from dancing to swimming!

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We provide expert and custom services for artificial hair restoration. We use 100% human virgin hair. Our new hair system looks completely natural as it is customized not one size fits all.


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